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Keefe Tech to the Rescue

by Bill Tobin 9/27/11

The Senior Center needed help and the students at Keefe Tech obliged

The old shed a the Senior Center succumbed to the ravages of time and winter. A replacement is now under construction.

The heavy snow of last winter destroyed the shed at the Senior Center but a replacement shed will soon be ready to store the summer furniture.

Under the supervision of their teacher, Mike Newell, these juniors in the carpentry program at Keefe Tech in Framingham are taught how to measure the beams for framing the roof of the shed.

Then comes the cutting of the beam with precision. Do not cut the pencil line or the rafter will be too short, I heard Mr Newell advise the student.

Then onto the roof to assemble and nail the rafters in place.


The six students shown with their teacher Mike Newell are (not in order) Ryan Melanson of Natick, Jose Martinez, Kevin Padilla, Edgar Gomez, Juan Altorro and Julio Porra all from Framingham.

These students are all juniors working this week on this project. Last week Keefe Tech seniors were the carpenters. Students in grades 10,11 and 12 alternate a week of practical experience with academic classes. The Juniors next week will be in classes.

Keefe Tech provides this support to municipalities and non-profit organizations in the communities of the students.  They gain experience in carpentry, plumbing, electrical and landscaping while supporting a good cause. The shed at the Senior Center is carpentry only, but the trees will be trimmed when the shed is completed. The only cost to the Center will be materials. A real bargain. 

Thank you, Keefe Tech.


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