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Secretary of Education Visits Holliston

by Bill Tobin
October 4, 2014

Massachusetts Secretary of Education Dr. Matthew Malone had a tour of a variety of classes at the Miller School on Thursday, October 2, with Principal David Keim and Superintendent Brad Jackson. He was very impressed with the students, faculty and facilities and made that well known.

Secretary of Education Matthew Malone, PhD., visited the Miller School on Thursday, October 2, 2014, as part of his journey to visit many school districts in the Commonwealth. He is responsible for overseeing the effort to build a more aligned and comprehensive education system. He is working to expand access to early education so that all students have access to high-quality learning experience. He also continues to work with community colleges, state universities and the UMass campuses.

He has visited many schools in neighboring communities and was very pleased with what he saw in Holliston, including the condition of the Miller School and praised the custodians. His tour included visiting a  French Immersion class, a Montessori 3rd and 4th grade class, a Montessori math class and regular classes, too. 

Touring with him were school committee members Carol Emmons, Stacey Raffi, Joan Sousa, Principal David Keim, Senator Karen Spilka, Representative Carolyn Dykema, Business Manager Keith Buday and Superintendent Dr. Brad Jackson

He was very impressed with the students' reactions in the French Immersion class with questions from teacher Claire Picard.

He enjoyed meeting with students in the grade 3-4 Montessori classroom of Ms. Sadie Dowling and was amazed at their reading and writing skills.

The Montessori math class of Ms. Sara Bailey showed an interesting group of students as observed by Dr. Malone and Rep. Dykema.

Also of note, a student in the class, Ava Tobin, having her picture taken with him.

5th Grade English Language, Art and Social Studies (ELASS) class under the leadership of Ms. Jennie LoRicco welcomed Dr. Malone to the classroom,

The students enjoyed meeting and chatting with the visitors, not the normal school day activities. This 5th grade Math and Science class teacher, Ms. Rosalind Forber met with Dr. Malone.

As Dr. Malone was leaving the last classroom, he was met by Carly Smid, a student who offered him a cookie as a token of appreciaton.This was not an ordinary cookie, but one that came from Amsterdam, about a week ago. Carly wanted to share her last cookie with him.

He thanked her for it, and enjoyed eating it too.

At the conclusion of the tour, Dr. Malone congratulated Dr. Jackson and staff for energetic students and a highly prepared productive faculty. He was extremely impressed with the Holliston School District. He did encourage technology advancement. He proclaimed Holliston as being at the top of the scale in rating school districts and he could not say enough to praise the district. He was very impressed with the "hands on" approach in the classroom, and the uniqueness of having Montessori and French Immersion ways of learning. It was noted that per pupil cost in Holliston, with the high ranking it has, is below the state average cost per pupil. Dr. Malone also commented that Holliston is very fortunate to have strong leadership with Rep. Dykema and Sen. Spilka advocating for education and Holliston. It was a proud day for our Superintendent too.





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There is a tremendous amount of which to be proud of in the HPS, not the least of which is the commitment to the three different programs and their awesome teachers: Traditional (not "regular"), French Immersion, and Montessori. This visit, the one by Early Care and Education Commissioner Tom Weber last year, the recent ranking of HPS as 3rd in "best bang for the buck," MCAS scores and other innumerable achievements by Holliston's students inside and outside the classroom, I hope is persuasive data for our community and our elected officials to continue to financially support the HPS. Bill Dowd said it best: "Our school system IS the golden goose in this Town. We deprive it of its required nourishment at our great peril."

- Erica Plunkett | 10/6/14 10:56 AM



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