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Cutler Heights Day of Safety

by Bill Tobin
August 2, 2015

The Holliston Police and Fire Departments were invited guests of Cutler Heights to bring community safety demonstrations to residents and participate in a day on fun activities too on the Heights.

 Corcoran Management has an annual day of fun at Cutler Heights that includes representatives of the Holliston Police and Fire Departments with demonstrations.

Cutler Heights residents, including pets had the opportunity to pose with Ladder One.

The fire truck is always a favorite of future fire volunteers.

A bouncy house with a water slide was very popular on this hot Saturday.

Refreshments and picnic tables added to the social camaraderie of the day.

Sgt Matt Stone introduced Police Canine Cesh and explained his duties and work assignments of this three year old sixty pound Dutch Shepherd.

Fireman Brian Kramer assisted Cesh and Sgt Stone in demonstrating how powerful Cesh is, considering he only weighs 60 pounds. Brian had difficulty maintaining his stature. 

The audience was truly impressed and asked many profound questions.

Brian Kramer, volunteer firefighter and EMT, was next on the  schedule

Brian explained how and why they wore special boots, pants, coats, neck piece, helmet and air tanks.

In full attire, he's ready to fight a fire and rescue victims. Brian is also an EMT and certified Technical Rescuer (and a well respected pig kisser) He advised us on fire fighting techniques, such as do not ever put water on a grease fire -- instead, smother it.

Brian demonstrated a special thermal camera that reacts to temperatures of surrounding objects and people that will assist in rescue environment.

After Brian removed all his firefighting gear, Cutler Heights Manager, Jackie Gonzalez decided to give it go. She is a bit shorter than Brian, but his gear seems to fit her ok. Maybe she will join the volunteers.

The Holliston Police Department had a table with brochures and hand outs to inform residents of the dangers of drugs, etc. Due to busy police activity on this day, staffing became difficult.

Another fun activity was the dunkin' stand. Hitting the target with a ball would activate the dunk, and toss the victim into a pool of water. In this case, the victim is Manager Jackie Gonzales who got dunked. All in fun.

It was a day of fun and safety training at Cutler Heights.


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Comments (10)

Those who are bashing Cutler Heights shouldn't be concerned about what kind housing it is, but how ignorant they are. This was an article about a community reaching out to organize an event in collaboration with the public officers of this great town. Think of it like a block party where the Holliston Police & Fire were invited and they stopped by because they support the community. There is no link between the housing that Cutler Heights offers and why there was a police presence. Break-in's, arson, drug deals...they can happen anywhere. And they do. By all sorts of people. Rich, poor, white, black, purple, young, old. there is no cookie cutter for "bad guy". Cutler Heights isn't the problem. Your close-minded thinking is. You have no problem complaining about the people, but would you be able to tell they were a resident there if you ran into them somewhere in town. They're not aliens that have a big X on their foreheads. They don't look like thugs. They look like you and me. Get off your high horse and just enjoy this article for what it is. A great community day.

- Shelby | 8/15/15 10:23 AM

Jim, Your tax dollars may have gone up for a hundred different reasons, but it did not increase to build or enhance Cutler Heights. This was a privately funded project owned by a citizen of Holliston, MA. Just for your information, my wife and I are both, over 65 years old and disabled and we live at Cutler Heights along with a number of many other handicapped and disabled people. So AGAIN, Get Your Facts Straight.

- Stan Feinberg | 8/10/15 1:40 PM

No problems? Arson fire last year (drug related) car breaks, found drugs, check the police logs.

- Bob | 8/6/15 3:59 AM

Is it Richardson or Robinson, "Jim" ?

- Joe | 8/5/15 4:37 PM

Stan -- You must have so much money that you just don't mind throwing it away for those who haven't worked for it. I'm sure I could make the necessary amount "to fit a threshold" if I collected as much as I could from Uncle Sam. Quite frankly I'm tired of being taken advantage of. Hopefully Trump will turn this sinking ship around.

- Ron | 8/5/15 12:16 PM

Jim. Get your facts straight. Cutler Heights is Affordable Housing and is a far cry from Public Housing. Affordable Housing has income guidelines that require potential residents to have income above a certain level and not to exceed a certain level. These guidelines are set by HUD.

- Stan Feinberg | 8/5/15 10:03 AM

Not public housing? Then why did MY tax dollars go to pay to build it? Why do MY tax dollars lower the rent for the people who live there? Wake up, Joe! Holliston is just another town where people are taking advantage of a public good. Fortunately, our Police haven't had a problem there...yet.

- Jim Richardson | 8/5/15 6:52 AM

I don't believe Cutler Heights is technically "public housing," but I admit the name lends itself to that misconception. In any case, I thank all the peace officers for the critical work they do everyday keeping Holliston safe. The fact that these heroes must also perform community outreach reflects the sad state of affairs in our country today. God bless them for their devotion to public service. P.s. Reminds me a lot of the late 60's, albeit with much worse music

- Joe | 8/4/15 7:35 PM

It's refreshing to see our town officials being proactive to educate and socialize with our youth growing up in public housing. As a law enforcement veteran, I'm confident these actions will help solve the riff and crisis between citizens and police happening around our country.

- Jim Robinson | 8/3/15 7:35 PM

What a great learning experience for your children,great out reach to help children to have respect, and knowledge of safety officers Police /fire in a tangible way.It also shows them that Police / Fire officials are there neighbors, and a very important part of our community ! Mark Ahronian

- Mark Ahronian | 8/2/15 8:04 AM



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