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Pedestrian Struck

by Bobby Blair
December 23, 2015

December 24, 2015: HPD Media Release added.

A  pedestrian was struck in front of the Holliston Public Library at 5:06 PM on Wednesday evening. Holliston police rendered CPR to the victim prior to the ambulance's arrival.

The patient was transported to U Mass Medical in Worcester. State Police have been called to investigate and the town center from Central to Hollis Streets will be closed until the investigation is complete.

At 6:57 PM police responded to a two vehicle accident in town square at the intersection of Washington and Exchange Streets. No injuries were reported.



Motor Vehicle Crash with Serious Personal Injuries to a Pedestrian

752 Washington Street, Holliston, Massachusetts

December 23, 2015

On Wednesday December 23, 2015 at approximately 5:00pm officers from this department responded to the vicinity of 752 Washington Street for a motor vehicle crash involving a pedestrian with serious injuries. The first officers on scene called for an ambulance and paramedic response as they attended to a 57 year old female in the roadway with multiple injuries. This lady was treated at the scene and transported to the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in Worcester, Massachusetts. Upon admittance to the Emergency Room her condition was listed as critical.

The driver of the involved vehicle was a 53 year old male from Deerfield Beach, Florida. He voluntarily accompanied officers to the Police Station relative to the ongoing investigation.

Troopers assigned to the Massachusetts State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section were requested, responded, and will be on scene to complete their investigation.

The Middlesex District Attorney’s Office has been contacted and an Assistant District Attorney has been assigned to this incident.


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Comments (64)

5 weeks later and I'm still wondering who fatally injured my sister. His name was not released. He gets to go back to his family while my family deeply mourns the loss of a very special life. Hope he enjoys himself. How fast were you going that she got thrown 64 feet?

- Kim Evers | 1/27/16 6:56 PM

I am a teacher at the middle school who run-commutes home 2-3 days a week from school to my home in Hopkinton. Today I tried to cross at the crosswalk on 126 at about 3:15 and 3 cars driving towards Milford passed as I stood in the middle of the crosswalk waiting to get to the other side. I had on a bright green reflective vest. As a person who commutes by foot I can't tell you how many instances I have had to jump out of the way from someone texting or not paying attention to the road. It takes all of us to hold ourselves accountable for doing one thing and one thing only when we are behind the wheel of a attention to the road. One additional thought how difficult would it be to have lighted crosswalks like they have in Natick MA? They would help on those days when it is difficult to see due to rain.

- Michelle Roy | 1/6/16 6:40 PM

A small way you can help Karen's family.




- Joel Bennett | 12/29/15 1:09 PM

What would it take to change a set of 3 blinking yellow lights to a solid red light when a pedestrian needs to cross. I, as well as all of my co-workers, have almost been hit trying to cross the street either in front of the Superette or the gas station on a clear sunny day, never mind on a dark rainy night. A blinking yellow light means nothing to people speeding through town or on the phone at the same time. People pay attention to solid red lights. I am so sorry for this tragedy and the family of that poor woman.

- Cindy | 12/28/15 2:21 PM

What a tragedy. I hope that town officials and town residents will move quickly to address the situation. We've ignored the consistent advise of professionals over a least three studies as far as I know have all come to the same conclusion. When will we stop second guessing professionals and do the right thing?

See the report from the Fall 2014 Town Meeting. Those of us that support moving forward with implementing the advice of professionals should reach out to the BOS and Planning Board and advocate for action.

- Parashar Patel | 12/27/15 6:28 PM

My heart breaks for this woman's family and friends. Have to add that the hostility aimed at the Board of Selectmen is unwarranted in my opinion. The traffic lights were voted down or postponed by the citizens who attended the town meeting when the traffic plan was in the warrant. Attendance at Town Meeting is usually pathetic yet this is the forum for making these important decisions. Jay Leary is's time for us to pull together as a town, support the family and work to ensure that it doesn't happen again.

- Lixy | 12/27/15 1:59 PM

I have lived in town for almost 33 years, and this issue has been a continual one. When do we actually do something about this and demand the town put forth efforts to make public safety a priority? I posed this question to the Police Dept a few years ago after almost getting hit in a crosswalk, and was told that the monies are not available. How many deaths will justify us refocusing our efforts to make downtown a safe area to cross?

- Concerned | 12/27/15 2:27 AM

Mr. Leary, I believe your comments were heartfelt and that you wanted to get things done. Thank you for your service. I hope the other selectmen, some of the businesses and people that needed those "convenience spots" for their busy lives (as argued at town meeting) now realize that safety is more important then a couple of parking spaces. Pulled this from an interesting article, "Holliston Officials Split on Downtown Project" from Holliston.wickedlocal dated 10/22/14:

"The owners of downtown businesses are worried about losing parking spots, a concern shared by selectmen Chairman Kevin Conley.

"I want the wellness of the businesses to be a priority," said Conley on Tuesday.

Conley wants McMahon to do a study that focuses on the "economic viability" of downtown and get a design plan that doesn't reduce parking.

Selectmen Jay Mardsen and Jay Leary are ready to pick one of McMahon's designs to present to Town Meeting.

"I think we have kicked the can down the road enough," said Leary during a discussion at the Oct. 15 selectmen meeting. Both selectmen believe McMahon presented the two best options."

- Wake up Holliston! | 12/26/15 7:36 PM

If I remember correctly, at the last town meeting after it was decided to postpone a decision on the traffic plans proposals, there was also a proposal to form a committee to continue work on this issue. Whatever you think about "yet another committee or study", this would at least mean some action between town meetings as opposed to complete innaction. It was somewhat confusing now at the time, but for some reason this was not approved either. But it would be a shame if we discuss this at at a future town meeting and there are still no answers to the same questions.

- Adam | 12/26/15 5:34 PM

Jay Leary - Thanks for clearing up the recent history of traffic lights in downtown. I for one did not attend the Town Meeting at that time, but I certainly will next time it comes up. And I encourage everyone else who wants progress in this town to attend Town Meeting. Is there possibly any way we can push something like this through to a vote instead of indefinitely postponing?

- Hungry Hippo | 12/26/15 2:05 PM

So disheartening to read many people on this board complaining about jaywalkers. This poor woman was in a legal crosswalk and was thrown many many many feet upon impact. May you see the facts in front of you, how ever painful or same old they may be.

- mac819 | 12/26/15 1:16 PM

Dear RPW,

My response was not political but heartfelt. I and another colleague spent 3 hours in the downtown at the site of the tragedy on Wednesday evening seeing what assistance we might be able offer. My heart goes out to the families involved, along with the public safety officials who spent time away from their families during this holiday season to assist the victim and to investigate this tragedy.

As for your leadership concerns, the BOS sponsored an article at the October 2014 Town meeting to signalize the downtown area with 3 traffic lights. We offered 2 different options and the article was indefinitely postponed after a great deal of discussion. I'll take it from your response that you didn't attend that Town meeting. Maybe as suggested by the person posting before you, you will find the time to study up on the issue and attend the next Town Meeting and become part of the solution instead of pointing fingers.

Jay Leary

Holliston BOS

- Jay Leary | 12/26/15 9:22 AM

Our thoughts to the family and to the driver. Such an awful event at a wonderful time of year. Also thoughts to our civic and business leaders who are trying to balance many complex factors to keep this amazing downtown as we know it. Some hard questions may have just been tragically answered. Saddened on this Christmas day.

- Matt Gibbs | 12/25/15 10:14 PM

Dear Mr. Leary,

What a wonderful political response. How about showing some real leadership and publicly committing to having the problem fixed by whatever course is necessary (and of course follow through by doing it). This was a tragic and unnecessary event and I feel badly for those involved. It should not have happened.

- RPW | 12/25/15 9:37 PM

A traffic light/ solution voted on at the last town meeting and voted down by the townspeople. This isn't about politicians or committee members, it is about the people of Holliston voting down the plan because they didn't want to lose parking spaces directly in front of their favorite businesses. If you are going to point fingers, know the facts and show up to vote. The need for change is obvious. If you don't like it, show up to vote. Tell local business owners to give up the parking spots for the safety of our townspeople. Make yourself heard in an intelligent and meaningful way instead of pointing fingers on social media sites. There are 50 comments on this page. How many of those people will actually be at town meeting come May? Or will we forget by then?

- Hollistonian | 12/25/15 9:22 PM

What a shame. There are a lot of past and present politicians, committee members and "visionary's" who hopefully, today, have a very sick feeling in their stomachs. Oh, and guaranteed, there will be a fix coming very soon. Unfortunately, it will have taken a life to get it done.

- Bob | 12/25/15 3:01 PM

Please local business owners... Stand up and show your support for traffic lights and safety redevelopment. We as your local customers and community will support you in your loss of any parking spots. A safer downtown is a more successful downtown. As always, the best way to move forward for the better is if we all work together.

- Adam | 12/25/15 12:22 PM

My first thoughts are to offer prayers and condolences to the family and friends of the victim as well as those of the driver. Those families should be our only concern and we need to focus our energies on how we (Holliston citizens) can help them through this horrible tragedy. Secondly, Lets come together as a community to do something good for these folks. That's the Holliston I know. Neighbor helping neighbor. There will be plenty of time for finger pointing and second guessing later. Just my thoughts.

Jay Leary

Holliston Board of Selectman

- Jay Leary | 12/25/15 12:15 PM

What a terrible, terrible tragedy. Town officials, your primary responsibility should be the safety and protection of our citizens. Now can we get traffic signals that stop all traffic for pedestrian crossing? Now can we apply sufficient resources for a regular and continued police presence downtown? And then perhaps real enforcement of speed and crosswalk safety violations, and appropriate punishment of infractions? To become known as a town that is truly serious about enforcing crosswalk safety would be a good thing.

- Another Concerned Citizen | 12/25/15 11:28 AM

Karen was a close, long-time friend. Several years ago I wrote a letter to the selectmen suggesting they put bins of plastic/ reflective flags on each side of the crosswalk. Simple: pick up a flag, walk across the street, place the flag in the bin on the other side. This wouldn't solve every problem but it would certainly help alert drivers to people in the crosswalk -- especially on dark, rainy nights. I never received a response. This family is completely devastated -- as are all her friends and colleagues.

- Ruthann Baler | 12/25/15 8:40 AM

Prayers to the victim and her family. This is most disturbing, yet no one is surprised. Sad. I wonder if it will take a corpse in the street to light a fire under the selectmen.

- Stan Coffin | 12/25/15 7:55 AM

Feeling so sad for the woman, her family & friends as well as the driver. We all need to be more careful Just tonight as I crossed Washington St. with my husband, son & his friend to attend 7:30 mass at St.Mary's we were fortunate to have a Holliston Police officer cross us. He was in the middle of the intersection with a light stopping the traffic, told us we could cross & a car did not even pay attention to him & kept coming. There were 5 people in the crosswalk & they weren't stopping!

- Deb | 12/25/15 12:52 AM

Hello all,

My name is Irrelevant. I have found via Facebook the mother of two beautiful, loving, caring, hard working children passed on Christmas Eve, which she did not deserve. The woman killed was an angel on earth; I feel blessed to have even met her. She had the most contagious smile, always easy to approach, never failed to make your day. I remember these minute details from when I was in girl scouts with her daughter...

When her daughter (prefer not to name as it is not my business to disclose) and I met in Girl Scouts, she was extremely shy but wonderful to be around. Her mother raised her well with the morals and respect of a saint (as well as her son). This was not uncommon with the children I grew up with. Early 2000's in Holliston it seemed as if all of my peers were in either Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts, numerous sports, extended day, and other extra-curricular activities. Reflecting on the town, the design of the crosswalks in this were extremely minimal, but it was all we needed. It entailed double white lines. At this point in time I was about five years old and would have felt comfortable crossing route 126 or route 16 unsupervised. When my mother would take my brother and I to the park I would be enthralled to go, expecting many children around my age to be there. Riding in the car with my father to any of the small shops was something I looked forward to. He didn't need to lock the doors of his car as I sprinted out to greet one of the individuals we knew on the other side of their business door. John at Fiske's, Karina at Mobile, Wendy at Depot Package Store... need I say more? This town had the "classic" look as well as attitude any parent would die for, which drew my parents to Holliston.

As the years passed the architecture of the town had been modified. The sidewalks became raised (which I overheard my parents discuss the gargantuan budget for), the lights were put in at said raised crosswalks, etc. I couldn't fathom at that age the traffic flow through the center of town nor how virtually impossible it is to avoid downtown Holliston in a daily commute for Hollistonians let alone the individuals whom use it from Rhode Island! The general attitude and mindset of the town seemed to be evolving through the Great Recession solely based on the economy. Once the economy started to come back the attitude changed once more. This is what I would consider "new age Holliston", which goes against everything the lifelong members of the community grew up with. We now have multiple dine-in locations where it is easy to acquire an alcoholic beverage. The store fronts of Fiske's and neighboring businesses received a "face-lift". We have a gazebo at the restored railroad track paths which have been costly and unnecessary considering my friends and I would walk, run, or bike down before it was glamorized because it was a cool off-road trail, and with an imagination you can find so many hidden trails around this town. All of a sudden we have lo

- My name is Irrelevant | 12/24/15 11:26 PM

Thank you Mike S

Such a loss for her family, so tragic.

- BG | 12/24/15 10:31 PM

It is time to say a prayer for the pedestrian that was hit. Please say a prayer versus posting any more. Thank you!

- mike schwab | 12/24/15 7:40 PM

This was a fatal accident as of 5 pm tonight. Pray for her children. She was our family friend for 40 years.

- BG | 12/24/15 7:21 PM

Why has nobody commented on the need for the cops to enforce the crosswalk laws.

- john greendale | 12/24/15 6:42 PM

All this talk makes me so angry. This is a very close friend of mine and I can tell you she is no careless dummy she wasn't jaywalking in front of the library she was hit in the crosswalk and thrown 64 feet. How fast does a car need to be going to send a body that far? The car going the other direction did stop and probably blocked the view of the other car. On a dark rainy night it is reckless to fly through an intersection with several crosswalks running a cross it. My friend is a lovely person who spent her life helping people and the devestation is horrendous. These children are devistated and have lost the only steady rock in their lives. I have been nearly hit by cars in that crosswalk too. Even while the yellow lights are flashing. It seems to me the only real solution is to put two or three real and effectively substantial speed bumps I front of those crosswalks to force people to slow down. I have heard the Milford regional hospital where she worked is starting a "go fund me" account for the children. I will try to post the information here when I can get it. In the mean time lets all think about our behavior on the road and the damage we can do with our Vehicles to beautiful families.

- Anne | 12/24/15 5:16 PM

Liz I totally agree. Sick of the negativity!! We all need to pray for this lady and her family. Every one take a moment to say a prayer do some good.

God bless her and her family.

- Tom Chipman | 12/24/15 4:32 PM

Isn't now the time for care and compassion? Let's do what we

can for the family of this person.


- Ann | 12/24/15 4:10 PM

I feel bad for this woman and was in the area after the accident, saw her in the street. Horrific. Here is the reality, you cross the street in Mass, you have to watch out for yourself. This yield to ped law has made people careless and dumb. You cannot step into traffic and expect every car to stop for you. No amount of lights, signs and crosswalks will stop this. The only thing that can stop this is peds being cautious and taking street crossings seriously.

- Chadwell Heath | 12/24/15 4:05 PM

Kate L., I don't thinking anyone that has remarked here that they avoid downtown is vowing to never step foot there again. Something just needs to change! I for one moved here excited that there was a town center where I can conveniently go for most needs and at the time, it was a big factor in my choice of towns. When I drove around with my realtor and she was white knuckling across Washington St., it made me nervous and I questioned her. She told me that traffic lights were in the works and I put it out of my mind and bought the house...that was a few years ago! What happened? She failed to warn me about the various committees and studies that the town is so fond of and nothing would ever actually get done.

I'd love nothing more to use the downtown businesses that drew me here, but I don't. The couple of times a year I do, it's when I walk there from almost 2 miles away. If you are coming from the west side those time consuming and extremely dangerous left turns make it just not worth it. Business owners should take that into consideration. Instead of focusing on losing a couple of convenient spots, focus on the new business that might come if the center is easier to get in and out of by car and cross safely once there.

I did last night, I continue to pray for all of those involved victim, driver, families, responders and witnesses. I like many, though, feel like enough is enough.

- Wake up Holliston! | 12/24/15 3:16 PM

This is truly a sad event whatever the cause and I hope the pedestrian will recover. But Hollistonians, its time to smarten up. No more studies, no more ridiculous blinking lights, no more Selectmen with their heads in the sand. Many people have written about these conditions for some time. Now the inevitable has once again happened with unfortunately serious side effects. Install real stoplights, not those poorly conceived and designed blinking things. At least with the traffic (hopefully) stopped a pedestrian has a chance.

- RPW | 12/24/15 3:11 PM

Rene...If there is a way to help with anything for this woman and her family..I hope it can be posted..I along with most here would be glad to help...I KNOW it could of been me easily as well..the times I have shopped and parked behind Fiske's..and then wanted to cross to the other side...I hated it..and did not desire to get in my car and loop over to the other side and park ..where, yes..there are lots there..but I'd rather be safe as possible and not try to cross..It's never been without nervousness as I would see cars NOT stop for me or others on one side if a car did stop on the other. It sounds like we all have..Let's get that red light and be responsible, those that have the power to do so in Holliston...I am praying and so sorry for this victim and her family..not her fault..

- kate | 12/24/15 2:54 PM

Sorry to see so many negative comments on here. I lived in Holliston for awhile and yes seems like you take your life in your hands when crossing Washington. To say this person wasn't smart, arrogant, careless is uncalled for. This was a Mother with children and a family who are all struggling right now. Have a heart man!! Let's just pray for the family right now.

- Saddened | 12/24/15 2:39 PM

Please, please stop with the negative commentary. The woman who was hit last evening is a friend of mine and has spent her life helping others; she is a social worker and one of the kindest people I know. It is not sounding like she is going to live. It is Christmas Eve and she has two children. Please let the politics go for now and just send warm thoughts and wishes to this family.

- Liz | 12/24/15 2:03 PM

@Friend in Medway.

The article reads that the pedestrian was struck in front of the library. Comprehend much?

If you have a problem, take it up with the writer. Smarten up.

- contrarian | 12/24/15 1:52 PM

Here's one fact: stepping in front of a car barreling towards you is a bad idea.

- Same Old | 12/24/15 1:46 PM

Yesterday, (1:00 p.) I was in my car heading East in front of Pete's Rest. when a man, who was old enough to know better, hopped off the curb and darted toward me. I was carefully watching the crosswalk at Central & Washington at that very moment when I spotted him coming toward me. I shiver thinking what could have happened had I not noticed him. What is wrong with people. He sees the congestion and the crosswalks, but prefers to be defiant by jaywalking. Luck was with you sir.

- S. Chipman | 12/24/15 1:02 PM

How can we help this family? This is a wonderful mom who has two children how can we pull together and help them out?

- Renee | 12/24/15 12:50 PM

I find it very sad that this is turning into such a negative commentaries. How about sending out massive waves of love to the woman and her family as well as the man that hit her. Tragedies are not the time to go after one another.

As far as those who are vowing to never set foot into the downtown, as a local business owner, I am sorry you feel that way because you are missing out on what makes Holliston really special. If you don't want to walk, Superette and my boutique both have our own parking lots, as does Fiske's. You can park in the municipal lot behind the fire station and visit the businesses on that block without having to cross any streets. I find it sad that a blanket and angry sounding boycott of our beautiful downtown happens so loudly.

I do agree that traffic goes much too fast. Merchandise literally falls off my shelves when a big truck hits the raised crosswalk in front of my shop. My heart jumps each time. I do hope that something will be done to fix this problem and prevent any more tragedies. This is not the first one.

The last hours have been all about praying for everyone... it's the best that I can do.

Peace to everyone and their families.

- Kate Lamontagne | 12/24/15 12:32 PM

'No pot in town' said everything that also pertains to me...It's just not worth try to cross on any day..over to the Superette or any of the shops that are and were over in this case the driver was from Florida...and may not have realized WHAT those blinking yellow lights were...though when you see a car stop..on one side..YOU slow and they are stopping where there are blinking lights..crosswalk..someone is crossing..that is a common problem everywhere though..those kind of 'drivers'..

It's a NO BRAINER that there needs to be a RED light there at that intersection in order to get EVERYONE TO JUST STOP so that residents/visitors can safely cross..This is a terrible thing to have happened again and at our town..Prayers.

- kate | 12/24/15 11:10 AM

Hey Same old you're an idiot! She was struck in the crosswalk and was thrown that far down the street. She was not jaywalking in the dark. Try finding out some facts before you open your big mouth. She was a very smart and loving person and now her family has to deal with this tragedy because some idiot was flying through downtown not paying attention.

- Friend from Medway | 12/24/15 11:00 AM

I cross downtown using the crosswalk's probably once a day.Usually the first car will stop,But unfortunately halfway through the second vehicle will only stop after I have waved my cane and screamed at them to stop that they look up at me from their phone stuck to the side of their head and will either continue through or slam on their brakes! My 10 year old son will still hold my hand no matter what!

- William Tucker | 12/24/15 10:58 AM

Same old, Although I agree that pedestrians need to take responsibility too, that was not the case here. I happen to be shopping during this tragic accident, close to where it happened. She was in front of the library because the impact threw her there. She was in the crosswalk at the end of Fiske's and the car coming the other way had stopped for her. The way that the crossing is designed it is not safe for drivers or pedestrians. Sadly, this poor woman paid the price.

- Close by | 12/24/15 10:23 AM

We have lived here only a little over a year and because of the inconvenience, congestion, and obviously the danger we avoid driving and especially walking downtown. I have personally set foot in Fiske's once, the Superette once, Jasper Hill never, Coffee Haven never, the Grille once (and I guess because we were new never got waited on, but that's another lovely aspect of this town), Casey's once, hardware store maybe three times, we have prescriptions mail ordered to avoid CVS, have dry cleaning picked up, and would rather drive to Hickeys then deal with hassle of downtown traffic to visit Crafted (been there once) or any of the other wine or liquor stores in the area. Instead of driving down Hollis Street to go downtown or to my children's schools, I will go down Highland because at least there is a light there to make a left (even though that intersection is a real beaut too!). I guess the point is the businesses in town had better realize how much business they are losing because a few obstinate members of the community refuse to give up about three parking spaces in town. Apparently this is also contributing to why the only businesses we can attract are vape shops ,Wiccan emporiums and medicinal marijuana growers (for a town that prides itself on being "green" this last one is a joke - the water and energy required for this process is massive). With all the problems with drugs in this town (how many narcom saves last year?), even if it is legal or could be legalized, why would we want this in our backyard? Fix downtown, all businesses will thrive and we wouldn't need to consider this option. Anyways, We will happily work with the good reverend on her efforts to address the safety issues facing us and our children. Time to talk truth to power and take our town back from the entrenched few that think they run everything.

- No Pot in Town | 12/24/15 10:17 AM

There isn't a crosswalk in front of the library. But there are three lanes to cross, including the turn lane for Hollis Street.

She just had to walk 15-20 yards down the street to use a crosswalk, and cross just two lanes. Instead she chose to jaywalk, in the dark, during rush hour! Not smart.

No doubt we need more traffic enforcement and controls downtown, BUT pedestrians need to use some common sense and not be just as arrogant and careless as some drivers.

- Same Old | 12/24/15 9:44 AM

Let's all face it were a cut through town. That's not going to change anytime soon. Even before I moved here Holliston was just a PIA 2 lane town I needed to get through. I can think of many towns like this notably Berlin, MA. Word on the street is; you speed through Berlin you will get a ticket, period! Happened to me. Point being, I slow down when I get there. People should have the same fear when they get to Holliston. This is my opinion. I'm not a public safety expert or claiming to know what I'm talking about. Just sharing what I believe to be common sense.

- Downtown resident | 12/24/15 9:31 AM

I live downtown and I drive if I choose to do shopping in our downtown because it is so unsafe the cross the street. A couple of years back, my son watched as a mom and her daughter were struck and last night my neighbors and I sat helpless as this poor woman was lying in the road. I am ready in this new year to commit to making this town safe. I am tired of hearing about parking and traffic and keeping things as they have been. Can we see how not acting has led to the terrible accident last night? How can we say we love our town if we are trying to preserve a memory, an image instead of caring for the people in it? I am going to be organizing around this issues in 2016. I hope that you will join me. Sending prayers to this woman, her family and all involved.

Rev. Bonnie Steinroeder

- Rev. Bonnie Steinroeder | 12/24/15 8:38 AM

Is it just me but I have only crossed using the cross walk once so far and as a pedestrian you cannot tell when its time to walk. I had to wait until the cars stopped. You cannot see the sign. ????

- Bw | 12/24/15 8:29 AM

We raise $200,000 and get support for building a new hotdog stand at the High School. But clearly football is more important than public safety in Holliston. Wake Up HOLLYROCK !

- someday we will learn | 12/24/15 7:59 AM

Tonight at about 5:00 a white suv passed me on 126 just beyond the golf course and crossed over the yellow lines to do it, even though I was going the speed limit. Unfortunately we have a lot of careless drivers in a hurry around here lately. We can't wait for Town Meeting - something needs to be done now, even if it's just a cruiser up town with its lights flashing by the side of the road to slow folks down.

- Another concerned citizen | 12/24/15 12:50 AM

Does anyone know how the pedestrian who was struck

tonight is doing? No mention of the accident on the news. I'm praying that she survives. What a horrible tragedy.

- EM | 12/24/15 12:26 AM

A quote from a huge settlement in another city.

"The jury ultimately felt the city was negligent in creating an unsafe environment for walkers and joggers and believed the city knew the area was dangerous."

It is unfortunate that the same can be said for the town of Holliston. The dangers are known, yet they choose to do NOTHING about it.

I hope all of those at the last town meeting that argued for those couple store front spots to make life a little easier for their busy lives, or falsely believe they would lose existing business, can now reflect on what is really important. I for one support local, but although a Holliston resident, never deal with downtown businesses because of the traffic dangers.

Prayers for all involved tonight.

- Wake up Holliston! | 12/24/15 12:18 AM

Traffic Lights would allow a RED light, so pedestrians can cross safety. Assuming cars stop at red lights of course, but they are more lightly to stop for red than they are to slow down for constant flashing blinding yellow lights.

- pro lights | 12/23/15 10:08 PM

Concerned Citizen - I agree with some of what you're saying, but what traffic lights would accomplish is STOPPING all traffic with a RED LIGHT and allow pedestrians to cross the road to the exclusion of all traffic. Check out the light cycle at Rt 126/16 at Bertucci's, and when a pedestrian presses the button (after some time to wait) all of the lights are red in all directions, allowing the pedestrians exclusive use of the roadway (crosswalk). While I believe traffic lights will both slow the speed of traffic and allow left turns without needless danger, RED LIGHTS will protect lawful pedestrians.

- Hungry Hippo | 12/23/15 10:03 PM

Hey why not spend a lot more $$$ on a traffic flow plan.. present the plan at a town hall meeting and then reject all and never do a thing about it again. . that way some poor soul can get hit...sad sad sad little town...

- $$$$$ | 12/23/15 9:03 PM

Hey concerned:A traffic light would certainly SLOW down these crazy drivers...Iam not saying that the pedestrians are not at fault too... you have to be smarter than the drivers and not WALK out in traffic until you are sure they are stopped.. But a traffic light would surely slow things down.

- Never go downtown! | 12/23/15 8:58 PM

There is a group of Holliston residents who many years ago were slapping themselves on their backs for the design of the new beautiful lights and speed bumps. This was without HPD input. I wish they would all step forward and say they screwed up royally!

- Bob | 12/23/15 8:44 PM

Without all of the facts and with an on-going open investigation how do you know right now that a traffic light would have helped in this case? I think traffic enforcement needs to happen immediately and prior to any installation of traffic lights. All on enforcement whenever the HPD can get to it at all times. In downtown many vehicles do not: come to a complete stop at the white stop line for all stop signs and no you do not get "time served" for waiting in the queue, when you come to the stop line come to a complete stop, look all ways and be smart, when busy start to pull out beyond stop line, look at all drivers, be courteous and make good choices. police need to write tickets and warnings for anyone not coming to a complete stop; follow the same process for speed, I don't care what the "judge" says, 9 miles over posted limit being mulligan to them that they do not want to see tickets for in that downtown square is dangerous for anyone that drives through there, anyone over speed limit give them a ticket or warning, 3 warnings in 12 months and one loses license for 30 days, drivers will get the idea. I drive up 495 N about once a week on a different weekday and Hopkinton has much worse traffic then us and many opportunities with side streets, bad site access, cross walks, on and on for bad driving and you don't see it and when you do they get pulled over and the high traffic areas get increased traffic enforcement and no one messes around driving badly in Hopkinton anymore for most part, the lights in Hopkinton Help but there are 1-3 patrol cars along 135 in different spots during traffic enforcement; also do with vehicles that speed up and pass on right when car in stops, slow down when cars in front of you slow down and see then get back to going. Enforce everything. Drivers needs to stop texting while driving too. Many drivers zipping through downtown are distracted, speeding, stopping short because not aware, not coming to complete stops, speeding up and zipping around any car that stops or slows down. WHEN ARE THE HPD GOING TO ENFORCE TRAFFIC LAWS DOWNTOWN? We have a canine dog at significant cost for dog, their care, kennel, overtime or additional officers to replace dog officer when they are training, doing demonstrations, mutual aid with other towns etc. The HPD has many, many things that should not have been prioritized over traffic enforcement downtown. I don't see how traffic light are the silver bullet. We need HPD traffic enforcement, including teaching and training mny awaful pedestrian behaviors too. The dontown is not that bad, it's the people that use it.

- Concerned Citizen | 12/23/15 8:06 PM

I agree... Traffic lights and more lighting. It's so dark around there at night.

- Lynn | 12/23/15 7:50 PM

Many of us have been clamoring for traffic lights, and we all know that it was only a matter of time. I truly don't understand why we haven't fixed this problem. I just hope this pedestrian survives...what a tragedy. A preventable tragedy!

- Dianna Vosburg | 12/23/15 7:47 PM

100% AGREE!!! We need traffic lights!!! Gotta

slow down the traffic through our town AND those idiotic

blinking pedestrian lights that no one sees overhead are a


- EM | 12/23/15 7:33 PM

So sorry this happened but was a matter of time. How's that thing that shows the speed working out for ya? What the heck is it gonna take until we can get a TRAFFIC LIGHT downtown?????????? So dangerous! Even with a guard at the holiday stroll I felt like I was going to get run over. Enough of the studies and foolishness. This is getting too dangerous to ignore any longer!

- Alm | 12/23/15 7:15 PM



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