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AIB Judges Tour Day 1

by Bill Tobin
July 22, 2016

It was a beautiful day to introduce the America in Bloom judges to Holliston. They had an opportunity to meet town officials, learn the history of this great New England community and visit several interesting and well maintained Holliston sites.

The day began with the judges meeting with Jeff Ritter in Town Hall to learn about the history of the town, town hall and the traditional unique form of government in New England such as open town meetings and selectmen.

Judges Teresa Woodward from Indiana and Linda Cormer of Missouri meet with Liz Greendale and review historical documents when the town was incorporated in 1724. These hand written documents in long hand are interesting and are now being preserved for generations to come.

The judges were impressed that the upper town hall has an interesting past of hosting town meetings, a former movie house, high school basketball court, and is currently the site of weddings and community live theater.

A tour of the Central Cemetery followed.

Mark Ahronian told the judges about the outdoor meeting site that was built by volunteers of the town that is a popular site for lunches and meetings. Ken Henderson gave the judges a good historical review of the origins of the town when the Congregational Church was established to allow Holliston to become a town that had been a territory of Sherborn. He described the original building, additions to it, and the reconstruction recently of the bell tower that houses the original bell.

The judges met with Bobby Blair on Washington Street to learn about the floral displays downtown and the.Downtown Marigold Project.

There are many historical markers in town such as this one on Hollis Street that marks the site of the first telephone in town at the Fiske home.

The judges met with Librarian Jennifer Keen who then gave a tour, with history, of the building.

The "secret garden" at the library was a must see for the judges.


A tour of Goodwill Park and a meeting with Recreation Director Kristen Hedrick and Commission member Inge Daniels was informative as they learned about the recent revitalization of the Park and its current popularity.

The rain gardens were interesting as Mark Ahronian explained their formation and need.

The new walkway from the Municipal parking lot to Central Street was on the tour and the judges now know that it was all done by volunteers coordinated by the Holliston in Bloom Committee,  including the mural by Sammy Tate.

No tour of Holliston would be complete without a visit to the famous Casey at the Bat.


The highlight of the day was the tour of Pinecrest Golf Course. Deb and John Moore drove the judges, and led the tour around the course. It is a beautiful site with magnificent floral gardens maintained by the Moores. Above is one of three stone flower beds recently donated by P J Kilkelly.

Lunch was served at Anthony's on the Green at Pinecrest.

P J Kilkelly explained the workings and popularity of the Community Gardens at Pinecrest.

The Butterfly Aviary, built, donated and maintained by PJ was an interesting highlight of the day. Grace Kilkelly presented a blessing to the group and handed each a small folded packet during her presentation.

"The Butterfly Wish for World Peace"

This beautiful world is alive and grows more precious each moment. Let these butterflies remind us to appreciate all the blessings in life and to hold close with love, and care for the fragile world and us.

We were then instructed to open the packet and a butterfly emerged from each to enter the aviary. A lovely experience.

This aviary is a great spot to visit for relaxation and reflection.










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