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Day 2 of the AIB Judging

by Paul Saulnier
July 23, 2016

Hazy, hot and humid. Could be worse - or better; could be be raining.

First stop on the second day of touring the work of the HIB volunteers was the Rail Trail.

Judge Linda Cromer takes notes as HIB's top contributors review the history and progress of the rail trail, while judge Teresa Woodard, below, takes some time to photograph the flower beds in Blair Square. Left to right: Mark Ahronian, Robert Weidknecht, Judge Linda Cromer and Bobby Blair.

Robert Weidknecht explains the trail system to Judge Linda, including its connection with Milford and Sherborn.

Judge Theresa admires one of the many fairy gardens along the trail.

A photo op under the single arch on, yes, Arch Street.

The Mayor produced these signs all over town. How many have you seen?

The judges asked to see Lake Winthrop, including the new playground funded and built by Holliston's Lions Club. The Lions have generously agreed to allow children to play there as well.

Parks and Rec was active this day at the park.

After the park the judges met with Mary Greendale to learn of the work planned for the restoration of the 8 arch bridge.

After hearing Mary's presentation at ground level and up on top of the bridge, the judges offered many constructive ideas for the restoration project which Mary took to heart.

Next stop was the pollinator garden at the Middle School. This garden was created by removing a section of the brick walkway and putting the kids in charge of planting, watering and maintaining the plants selected to attract bees and butterflies.

The judges spent a lot of time at the newly acquired Serockii Farm. Kristen Serocki, above left, and PJ Kilkelly provided the details of the farm and the work performed to date.

Amine Benali, vice chair of the Community Farm Advisory Commit5tee, explained the plans for the farm.

Members of the Historical Society dressed for the lunch they prepared for the judges at the Asa Whiting House. Nancy Lamb, above, and Pat Pereira, below, greeted the judges as they entered the house.

Outside while touring the grounds and gardens that HIB volunteers worked on last weekend, the judges were each given a Tussy Mussy, a collection of fragrant flowers, popular back in the day during hot sweaty days.

Carol Kosicki, above left, joined Nancy in explaining the mission of the Historical Society.

The tour of the rear garden included a description of the shoe shop, right, and the corn crib, currently under restoration by Bill Bernard, who is donating his labor and equipment to complete the project.

HIB's Community Champion, Deb Moore, above left, stops for a photo op with HHS member Nancy Lamb at the front door of the Asa Whiting House.

A bag lunch was generously donated by Outpost Farm. Town planner Karen Sherman, attended the luncheon on her own time to meet with the judges and answer questions about Holliston's plans for the future.

HHS members displayed a wide array of artifacts from the society's collection.

The judges then crossed Washington Street (at great peril) to view the gardens created there by members of Troop 73, under the leadership of Eagle Scout candidate, Brandon Battick (

The remainder of the afternoon was spent touring other areas of town. The HIB Committee now has to wait to see what the judges think of its efforts and they look forward to recommendations to improve Holliston's flowerscape.


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Any one tell the judges about our celebrity in the Central Burial Grounds, Sgt. Silas T. Cobb, sentry at the Navy Yard Bridge, the night Lincoln was shot??

- Herb Krauss | 7/23/16 7:29 AM



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