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Getting Ready for AIB Symposium

by Bill Tobin
September 25, 2016

Holliston, a participant in the national America in Bloom contest was judged in July, and the results will be declared in October at the 2016 symposium in Arrayo Grand, California. The 2017 America in Bloom Symposium will be in October, 2017, in HOLLISTON! The Holliston in Bloom committee is preparing now for that national symposium.

Holliston in Bloom committee is getting ready for the 2017 America in Bloom Symposium that will be here in Holliston in October 2017. Now is the time to practice with a dry run.

Bobby Blair is the leader of the Marigold Project that decorates most of Holliston in marigolds and assorted annuals throughout the summer, with emphasis on the July America in Bloom judges' visit.

The Holliston Garden Club and volunteers work with the Holliston in Bloom committee to help beautify our town for the America in Bloom contest, and now are preparing for the America in Bloom symposium in Holliston.

In preparation for the 2017 symposium scheduled in October 2017, Holliston is planting mums now, 2016, as a practice schedule for next year. .

This is the 15th year that America in Bloom has hosted a symposium, with about 300 communities participating. The annual symposium is the setting for declaring the winners by category of the America in Bloom contest. Municipal leaders and local residents represent their cities and towns at the symposium. Last year it was held at beautiful Holland, Michigan, and the preceding year at Orlando, Florida. The 2017 symposium will put Holliston on the national map.

Co-Chair of the Holliston in Bloom committee, Mark Ahronian welcomes Mr. Kodali, a new town resident as a volunteer on the project.

Mr. Kodali brought two sons, Arya, a HHS freshman and 6th grade student Mihir to help with the plan. They are strong PHDs (post hole diggers)

The Historical Society sidewalk flower beds received an assortment of mums and the removal of some annuals past their prime.

Garden Club President Melissa Beers sets a good example as she digs away,

Cherry Fenton of the Holliston in Bloom committee and volunteer Anita Desnyder prepare the gardens for the mums.

During the past week, Mayor Blair added mums to existing self-watering large pots.

In addition to planting, Anita Desnyder adds water to some drought suffering plants.

Gooch's Corner now has mums that are about ready to burst in a variety of colors.

Co-chair of  the Holliston in Bloom committee Kathy Shore, assisted by Pat Duffey, update the summer pots at Fiske's General Store.

P J Kilkelly is the leader of the mum arrangements at the Congregational Church sidewalk. These flower beds are about to be expanded to add more color to tne downtown area.

Tricia Schmitt and Laurie Leavitt of the Holliston Garden Club enjoy helping with this great program for the town.

The colorful hanging baskets in the downtown area were replaced this past week by Mayor.Blair, who told me that these will soon be colorful too.

The flower beds at Blair Square have some mums now in bloom, with many to follow.

In addition to what has been done, there is still lots to do, including Goodwill Park, Cutler Square, the Fire Station, Metcalf Pump House and the Central Burial Grounds.

In all, about 450 mums of assorted colors will be planted in town, making our town more beautiful than ever. And 2017 will have benefited from these plantings.

Thank you, volunteers, for all you do to beautify our town.


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Comments (3)

Nice job Arya and MIHIR

- roshani | 1/31/18 5:47 PM

Glad to help out where I can. I thank Mayor Bobby Blair for starting this "planting pride in Holliston" movement through the Marigold Project and Mary Greendale who had the thought of expanding Bobby's efforts through the town's participation in the American in Bloom program. It's great to see many residents pitch in where and when they can and the increasing number of businesses who have "caught the beautification bug" and added or expanded plantings near their business establishments. Puts a smile on my face whenever I see those colorful displays and makes me proud to be a resident of Holliston.

- Beate Hait | 9/26/16 9:50 AM

None of the flower displays would happen without the donations from residents, businesses, and organizations. My special thanks to Marigold Project worker Dave Boudreau who watered the plants throughout the intense dry summer. A tip of the hat to Bea Hait who tended Gooch's Corner this summer. We hear often from visitors who tell us "I wish my town would do this". You can view us on Facebook at or our webpage where you can sign up to join us. You can spend as much or as little time helping us out. Our purpose is planting pride in Holliston.

- Bobby Blair | 9/25/16 7:21 AM



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