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Eight Arch Bridge Commitee Met

by Paul Saulnier
July 14, 2017

Members of the committee met to review progress drawings for the proposed new bridge deck and railing systems submitted by the design consultant, Gill Engineering of Needham.

Gill's plan for the new deck includes cutting off the existing concrete overhangs on both sides of the bridge (coping) and is visible at the top edge of the bridge currently. A new precast concrete surface and coping is being proposed by Gill.

Committee member Herb Brockert, above, submitted a proposed design which he feels is easier to construct and less expensive than the Gill proposal. Brockert's design would allow the existing coping to remain and be covered by a new precast concrete cap similar to the Gill design.

The committee agreed to submit Brockert's concept to Gill for consideration. Gill also proposes to replace the failed end caps on the bridge with granite blocks. The committee requested that they be replaced with precast concrete, similar to the existing caps as they would blend in better with the rest of the concrete added to the bridge and possibly be less expensive.

Gill's progress plan also included a proposed design for the railing system, including stainless steel cables running horizontally. The original concept design porposed by the committee included a black mesh pattern. The proposal will be reviewed with the Building Inspector to determine if there are any safety issues with the new design.

Commitee Chair Jay Robinson, above, prepared and sent a memo to Gill outlining the issues discussed and asked for comment before the next meeeting scheduled for next Tuesday at 7:00PM in Room 201.


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