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Selectmen Meet August 7, 2017

by Paul Saulnier
August 8, 2017

Planes, trains and automobiles were on the agenda this night.

The business of running the town went on despite the lack of veteran Selectman, Jay Marsden, who was on vacation.

Those in attendance listened and waited for their turn at the head table.

Chairman Kevin Conley, above, opened the meeting at 7:34 PM and asked for comments from Selectman Mark Ahronian, pictured below.

Mark encouraged residents to attend the first annual Farm to Table dinner scheduled for August 19th at the Lutheran Church. See article for details. Kevin then wished his wife a Happy Birthday on the occasion of her 39th year on the planet.

Town Administrator Jeff Ritter, above, announced that the Flagg School was demolished on time and under budget. Expect grass by the end of August where the institute of lower learning once stood.

Robert Smith, P.E. of McMahon Associates informed the Selectmen that the downtown lights project was successfully bid by LaRusso for $1,048,657.00. The Selectmen voted to award the contract to LaRusso. Work will begin this Fall but will stop during the winter months and begin again next Spring. One possible change could include an electric vehicle charging station on the corner of Hollis and Washington Streets.

Brian Clancy, pictured above, of the Housing Trust Committee, asked the Selectmen to waive the interest charges on the delinquent taxes for 172 Concord Street, and sell the property to the Trust for just the back taxes due, approximately $37,000.00. The property is scheduled to be auctioned off on September 12, 2017. The trust will investigate other costs, including renovations and a replacement septic system.

Jay and Zak Robinson appeared before the Selectmen to recommend advertising the repairs to the 8 arch bridge along Woodland Street. The plans, designed by Gill Engineering, include a new concrete deck and safety railings which will allow for safe use of this portion of the rail trail and stabilize the historic bridge officially known as the Bogastow Brook Viaduct. Selectmen voted to issue the bid documents which anticipate a May 2018 completion.

Next up to the table was Inge Daniels who is a member of the Blair Square Development Committee, a private entity under the Friends of the Rail Trail, a non profit organization. This committee has been considering various development plans for the square but need input from the town's veterans. Selectmen want to see more effort placed on the space between Central and Church Streets and also want an advisory committee established by the Selectmen to assure that the meetings are subject to open meeting laws.

Robert Weidknecht, above left, introduced Werner Gossets, owner of 360 Woodland Street which abuts the rail trail. There is a storm water runoff issue from this site which at times causes erosion on the rail trail. Mr Gossets has volunteered to correct the problem at his expense but seeks permission and indemnification from the town before he proceeds. The Selectmen agreed to assist in making that happen and thanked Mr. Gossets for his help.

OK, so there were no discussions about planes.


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Comments (1)

Thanks for the nice picture, Paul! Please note the spelling of my name is with an "e."

- Inge Daniels | 8/8/17 7:49 AM



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