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HIB Recognizes Local Flower Growers

by Bobby Blair
August 25, 2017

With the National America in Bloom Symposium arriving in town in mere weeks, Holliston in Bloom felt it was approiate to say thank you to those with green thumbs who make the town and their own residence or businesses a bit more colorful.  HIB was late in getting this project off the ground and took into account the dryness of the past several weeks. Judges: Mary Greendale represents HIB and owns her shop at Fiske's Store, Mary's Plants. Jill Malcolm is a member of the Holliston Garden Club, and yours truly is the manager of the Downtown Marigold Project. A floral display champion ribbon goes to Lisa Zais of Fiske Street who decorated the Bogastow Brook Bridge on Fiske Street with a half dozen window boxes. Zais is lauded for taking this project on through her own initiative. Zais said in an earlier phone conversation that she didn't know who to get permission from for her project. After contacting Town Hall, the project was a go.

Our next ribbon goes to Berry Bon Bon at 412 Washington Street. Berry Bon Bon can be credited with their year over year display of colorful petunia hanging baskets. The display adds a great touch to their storefront.

Below, Ann Farrell of Kamala Boutique in the town center accepts a display champion rosette on behalf of owner Kate Lamontague. This small sidewalk garden received a makeover this spring and the results are impresive.

HIB judges have selected several more outstanding gardens around town, but invite you, the real judges, to send in your nominees by commenting on this story.


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Comments (3)

I wondered who had placed the planters on Fiske St! It makes us happy every time that we drive by. Thank you, Lisa, they are lovely and make such a sweet difference to the neighborhood.

- Jay | 8/25/17 10:21 AM

The english garden on the left at Cole Court is stunning, and I've never seen such tall sunflowers!

- Daniel Gonsolves | 8/25/17 7:47 AM

Wow! Thank you! The accolades for the beauty in Kamala's garden go to Mitch Goldstein of Root&Branch - A passion for landscapes. 508-626-2492. He is a certified horticulturist and a faithful customer of Kamala. Mitch offered to take charge and keep it beautiful, and it makes me smile. Especially the mosquito grass in the pots...they look like something from Dr Seuss. Thank you Mitch! Thank you Holliston in Bloom!

- Kate Lamontagne | 8/25/17 7:32 AM



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