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Police Log for Week of October 1 - 7, 2017

by Paul Saulnier
October 10, 2017

At this rate we will soon have more animal incidents than people incidents and sign of the times on South Street

October 1, 2017:

Check prisoner.

Animal incident, Rail Trail @ Chestnut; caller reports being followed by two white dogs. Both have collars but no address. ACO responding.

Crash, Washington & Winter; car versus bicycle. No injuries.

October 2:

Check prisoner.

6 PM, 999 Washington; first citation of the week (Is it possible our driving is improving? Nah)

October 3, 2:

Animal incident, 1136 Highland; dead deer on the side of the road (Oh, dear.)

Crash, 22 Concord; trash truck trashed a car from Uxbridge.

October 4:

Pleasant; report of what sounds like a small dog that is hurt or being hurt. HPD checked. Dog appears to be fine in his cage.

Animal incident, Norfolk & Central; beagle running in traffic.

Road rage, Washington; Medway resident being harassed by truck driver after she passed him.

Suspicious activity, Regency; resident reports hearing the handle to the bathroom door and footsteps. Detective to follow up (knock before you enter)

Complaint, South; resident says a car drives by daily between 1:30 and 3 PM beeping the car horn and shouting profanities. Believes it may be due to lawn sign ("Horn and Swear Free Zone").

Vehicle stop with summons, 461 Washington; Valeriano DosSantos of Natick for unlicensed operation.

October 5:

Investigation with arrest, HPD; Lauryn DeCosta of Quincy on a warrant, Samuel Conley of Holliston for conspiracy to violate the drug law, Kevin Delacruz of Providence for conspiracy, operating with a suspended license, possession of a class A drug and possession with intent to distribute a Class A drug.

Suspicious activity, Marked Tree; report of elderly male placing eye glasses on utility pole (wants the pole to move when it sees him coming).

Animal incident, Central & Bullard; two large white dogs loose in the area.

Scam, first of two phone scams claiming to be from Eversource.

Animal incident, Wilkins; caller reports that her dog was attacked by another dog.

Check prisoner.

October 6:

Complaint, Winter; two motor bikes speeding up and down the street without helmets (Darwin was right - Natural Selection)

6:00 PM, Animal incident, 31 Westfield; beaver stuck in the storm drain. ACO called but cannot respond due to lightning (turns beavers into bears?)

October 7:

Animal incident, loose dog reported. Owner found (they say that owners often look like their pets but this is extreme).

Animal incident, North Mill; two males chasing injured pig. Crated. ACO notified.

Vehicle stop with Summons; Washington & Linden; Juan Videla of Framingham for 90/10 and 90/18 (various motor vehicle violations).

During the reporting period 30 citations and 12 warnings were issued. Two erratic drivers were reported.




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Comments (5)

Thanks, Paul. Perhaps it's me. I do have an appointment for an eye exam later this month.

- John Losch | 10/10/17 6:37 PM

Sorry John, the pixture is a little blurry at this size. The decal in the back window is of a family of humans, including Mom, Dad and the kids

- Paul Saulnier | 10/10/17 5:41 PM

O.K. I give up. Can somebody explain the picture with the two bears? I must be missing something really obvious.

- John Losch | 10/10/17 4:27 PM

How much trash would a trash truck make, if a trash truck trashed a truck?

- Ron Dowding | 10/10/17 1:26 PM

Thank you, Paul, another good morning in my home. I wish all news could be as humorous as Holliston police log. You get the point across as well. Jean M.

- jean morrissey | 10/10/17 7:12 AM



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