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Thank you to HIB from AIB

by Press Release
November 2, 2017

What you and your team did for the 2017 AIB Symposium was nothing less than spectacular.

Dear Mark and Kathy and all of Holliston in Bloom,

What you and your team did for the 2017 AIB Symposium was nothing less than spectacular.  Unbelievable.  Extraordinary.  You all went over the top in so many ways.  Each day was a special joyful surprise.  Starting with the registration table with fresh apples and fabulous decorations, it was hard not to feel welcome.  Each day, there were ever more cheerful lovely people behind the table to greet us and make us feel special.  Thank you to all the volunteers at registration.  I can’t imagine how many people you had ensuring that there were themed decorations everywhere.  

And when we finally got to Holliston, even the tent was decorated.  It was gorgeous.  The Pre-Symposium tours worked out really well.  Although I did not get to go on either as they were completely booked, I heard very good things.  Mark did a great job coordinating the complicated one and it was so generous of him to co-host the lunch.  Everyone on that tour loved the personal attention at Weston and Elm Bank.  Although I don’t remember having a skit at an AIB Symposium before,  you guys really did it up right. OMG.  It was hilarious.  Please thank Mary and all those involved in having the courage and dramatic flair for making that happen.  It really set the stage for fun and festivity and you did it while offering real insight into what it takes to bring so many different community leaders together!  Bravo to each of you.  But it was lunch and the tour of Holliston that pulled it all together and let us know just how amazing your Holliston in Bloom team really is and how special your community is.  I am still basking in the glow of that experience.  You let us feel the pride you have for your history, for your community, for all your people.  It is clear that you treasure it all.  And we felt treasured as a result.  The lunch was remarkable.  

Every detail was like magic.  From the Marching band in full regalia to the New England menu choices (each of which by the way were deeeelish!) to having a “colonial” sit at each of our tables, it started off with a bang.  And then the high school chorus singing the Star Spangled Banner.  It brought tears to my eyes and pride at a time when we all together need to feel pride in our national anthem for what it really stands for.  And then those amazing soloists.  Such beautiful music.  And then the Mudville Baseball song.  It couldn’t have been more touching.  

But then Paul Revere and William Dawes rode up on their horses and made everyone laugh at William Dawes poem.  It was poignant to have Bill’s sons there.  They were funny.  They were really cool.  They gave us a short and wonderful history lesson.  And then the tour.  The best ever.  It was organized so beautifully and let us discover each wonderful part of Holliston.  The booklet was really well done.  I was surprised that we could walk nearly everywhere!  The tour leaders were so knowledgable and the timekeepers so efficient.  The stations were really well thought out and each of the presenters was excellent.  Such great information and such insight into how a community can pull together to make important things happen.  The Mayor had Mudville looking especially good and looked pretty darn elegant himself.  

I am sure I am missing some of what I wanted to share, but you get the picture.  You all went way beyond expectations.  I cannot thank you and all those in Holliston enough for all you did.  Please thank your Holliston in Bloom dream team, the band, the chorus, Bill’s sons, the re-enactment musket shooters and all those who helped in ways big and small. As you know, we send a survey to all our attendees.  We will surely share the results when we compile them.  I expect the best ratings we have ever gotten.

Your kind words for Laura and Linda Hart will be shared.  I hope you are OK with that.  I too was proud and pleased that they worked so closely with you and your team and took such a personal interest in making the Holliston symposium wonderful.  The walking tour of Boston was a real hit with the booklet Linda prepared.  It was a big help in making people feel comfortable in the big city.  And the presentation of the Rose Kennedy Greenway gave excellent insight into one of the most impressive green infrastructure projects in the modern day. 

With so much admiration and appreciation,

Katy Moss Warner

President of America in Bloom

Past President Emeritus of the American Horticultural Society






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