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Holliston Residents meet with Senator Spilka

by Utah Nickel
January 21, 2018

Residents, part of a new environment group, the Upper Charles Climate Action of 350MA, met with Senator Spilka on Tuesday evening in Holliston.  The topic of discussion was the group’s top priorities for the current legislative session.

Residents part of a new environment group, the Upper Charles Climate Action of 350MA, met with Senator Spilka on Tuesday evening in Holliston.  The topic of discussion was the group’s top priorities for the current legislative session.

Among the top priorities for the group was an increase in the Renewable Portfolio Standard, which would increase the amount of electricity generated from local clean energy.  Members of the local group have already collected over 240 responses in favor of S1849/H3395 which would transition Massachusetts to 100% renewable energy by 2035.  Given the response, the group felt there was an appetite to see the Massachusetts Legislature do more than the status quo on clean energy.

In addition to helping meet the state’s 2008 Global Warming Solution Act mandates, S1849/H3395 would lead to billions of dollars in health care savings (8.2B), create thousands of regional jobs (over 80K), and save individuals thousands of dollars in energy, health and climate cost (6K per year). 

In addition to this bill, members of the group expressed their priority for 5 other bills currently part of the Mass Power Forward 5-point agenda:

  1. Environmental Justice - H2913 and S426  
  2. Solar for All - H3396 and S1831  
  3. Reform the DPU and Prevent the Pipeline Tax - H3400 and S1847
  4. Implementing the Global Warming Solutions Act - H2149 and S479
  5. 50% clean energy by 2030 - H2700 and S1876

Senator Spilka was receptive and understanding of the group’s concerns. She discussed several instances being on the fore front of environment legislation; from blocking the pipeline tax during the last session to being a major contributor to passing the 2008 Global Warming Solution Act, which at the time codified Massachusetts as a leader in climate change and clean energy.

The Holliston residents were very pleased that Senator Spilka personally attended the meeting. “She’s great to talk to, very understanding, and has clearly done a lot for our community and state”, said one member after the meeting.  

Holliston residents and members of the Upper Charlies Climate Action look forward to working with Senator Spilka and other local state legislators on moving local clean energy legislation forward.  If you would like to voice your support, you are urged to call Senator Spilka at 617-722-1640 and Representative Dykema at 617-722-2680.

About Upper Charles Climate Action (UCCA_350MA)

The Upper Charles Climate Action is among 350MA's newest nodes. Our group is comprised of residents from towns in the Upper Charles River area. We are dedicated to state and local action to promote climate action legislation, increase the use of clean energy, and to educate the public on how to make a difference in climate change.

Our two major initiatives for 2018:

  • Support climate action legislation at the state and local levels.
  • Working with local government drive action towards 100% renewable energy.

More information can be found here:


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