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Etiquette Signs Coming to Rail Trail

by Bobby Blair
January 27, 2018

Rail Trail Committee members Wednesday eve voted to expend $2,500 to purchase a cargo container from IPL Management out of N.J. The container to be located at the town's highway barn on Arch Street will be used to house maintence equipment along with the committee's new trail vehicle. Monies for the purchase were voted at town meeting.

Fran Patterson and Obie Miller representing the Friends of Holliston Trails below made a presentation to board members as part of their 'Way Finding" project.

The duo hope to place about thirty signs on the trail regarding trail etiquette. The pair came with samples of the signs, and Miller, a graphic designer, said the sign can be any size or color. The volunteers received the thumbs up from committee members with advice for high priorty areas.

Sec. Ed Daniels of The Friends of the Holliston Trails below, told Rail Trail members that his group has rescheduled the popular 1st Night Walk which was canceled on December 31st due to weather to February 24th. Daniels said his group needs help, "we can't do it ourselves" to man the fire pits. If enough volunteers aren't found the event will be canceled. Individuals and groups can sign up here:


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Comments (6)

As a multiple user of our great rail trail (biker, dog-walker and runner) I would like to remind all to take off the headphones or turn down your volume while walking on the trail. Many seem unaware of other users on the trail coming up from behind, and do have a duty to help keep all safe by staying to the right and not walking down the middle of the trail. Also, if you have a dog, don't give him a huge lead on the leash spanning the width of the trail so that other coming up from behind can pass safely.

- Elizabeth | 2/2/18 12:29 PM

Can you as HPD Bike Patrol?

- Jay Robinson | 1/31/18 8:56 AM

I too would like to comment on the bikers on the trail. I have a deaf niece she does not hear them coming behind her. We have walked together and even I have not heard them until they get right on top of you and they yell. Several times I have had to grab her to get her out of the way and they have been very rude. I mentioned to them that she was deaf and to be aware but they came back going as fast and rude.

- Carolyn brumber | 1/29/18 10:32 PM

I hope fewer than 30 etiquette/wayfairing signs are placed throughout Holliston's trail section. That seems excessive. There are already several signs informing users to pass quietly through residential areas, pick up after their dog, etc.. More signs won't regulate the behavior of the small minority who don't give a damn. The signs are pretty enough, but trail would be prettier without them.

- Miss K | 1/27/18 12:58 PM

Thank you!! a much-needed addition to the trail. Now is there some way to pick up after horses. I love to see them out there BUY the remains not so much.

- jean morrissey | 1/27/18 12:58 PM

Iam so beyond happy to see these signs... It has been so difficult walking on the trail due to the bikers... They speed down the path, most do not tell you they are upon you, and then ride down the center.. This use to be a great trail to take the kids and dogs, but with the speeding bikers it has become very dangerous.. . I only wish there was a way to stop them and tag them... just sad they have ruined the path.

- Hope the bikers take notice! | 1/27/18 10:26 AM



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