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Fire & Ice Walk After Dark

by Paul Saulnier
February 26, 2018

Not much ice but lots of fire pits.

Catch a few minutes of walking in the dark on the rail trail in this short video

The first fire pit at the entrance to Blair Square was operated by Ellen Healy, above left, and Judy DeWitt.

A free raffle for a gift certificate to Fiske's for the person coming closest to guessing the actual number of jelly beans in the jar. I'll bet President Reagan could have come pretty close.

At Blair Square, Charlie and Susan Russo  greeted all passersby and thanked everyone for coming out to support the Friends of the Rail Trail.

Above left to right, Grace and Dad PJ Kilkelly stopped at the pit of Wendy and Ged Gove.

Almost time for John and Deb Moore to get back onto the Pinecrest Golf Course - not to play a round but to plant flowers and pull weeds.

Need computer work? Bring it to these experts at E-Motion Computer Services on Woodland Street.

Garrett and Renee Quinn moved to Holliston this past October from Boston. Passing though on their way to look at a home in Hopkinton, they discovered Holliston and stayed. Welcome.

Alex Foster didn't sit below the smoke line and enjoyed the night making new friends on the trail.

The political fire pit included John Cronin, left, candidate for Selectman, and Shaw Lively next to John, candidate for Parks & Rec. Allie and James Keast shared the pit along with Evy, who is not running for office.

Above Ed Payne, a resident of Holliston for the last 68 years,has attended the Fire & Ice event in the past but responded to the call for pits this year for the first time. Pretty good for a beginner.

The tunnel at Phipps Hill was crowded as usual for the free food offerred by Boy Scout Troop 73 while Robert Weidknecht, below, kept watch at the tunnel entrance

Always active in scouting projects, Frank Chamberlain, sporting a Grizzly Adams do, keeps the hot dogs ready as Mike Tyman, right, helps wherever he is needed.

Above, Ed Daniels is the guy as responsible for this event as anyone in tow. Thanks Ed for all you do for Holliston.

Ryan McDonald and daughter Ellie of Ashland enjoyed their walk on the trail.

Enjoying the tunnel events are FRONT ROW: Dorian Daniels, Orson Daniles, Nate Robinson, Allisa Romanelli, Zak Robinson and Hugh Robinson. BACK ROW: Jay Robinson, left, and Tony Romanelli.

Mark Haddad, a veteran of 10 years on the Auxilliary Police Force, made sure everyone crossed Central Street safely.


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Comments (1)

Lots of people and fun from the Tunnel all the way to Cross street and the Story board walk also

- Elizabeth Dembitzer | 2/26/18 8:43 AM



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