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Souvenir Bricks From Andrews School Available

by Bobby Blair
March 12, 2018

The names of their first, second and in some cases third and fourth grade teachers came back to mind. Miss Pond, Collins, DeFabio, Joyce and Shaughnessy were but a few named. There was talk of bagged lunches, dental exams by Dr. Leo Walsh and a game of marbles in the school playground. Those memories can no longer be derived by the building on School Street which stood empty for nearly fifteen years. The two story brick building is no longer and but a hole in the ground. While no one was able to locate a brass plaque which was secured to a wall when you entered the building to the left, a few memento's do remain including keepsake bricks.

The bricks will be sold as a fundraiser by Holliston in Bloom, according to co-chairs Kathy Shore and Cherry Fenton. Shore told the that new property owner Steve O'Leary was more than gracious and bent over backwards to secure enough bricks for those wishing a souvenir of their earliest education years.

The bricks will be on sale for a $20 donation at the Spring Stroll in May, a town 4th of July event to be announced in the near future, Celebrate Holliston Field Event, the All Class Reunions held at Town Hall in September, and the Historical Society Harvest well as the Winter Stroll.

The bricks are a great novelty item, according to Fenton, and make great unique birthday gifts at a reasonable and affordable price. Those unable to make the above venue events can email this writer at to purchase a brick at his home. Cash or checks made payable to Holliston in Bloom are acceptable. This disposition of the "Andrews School" lettering which fronted the building and the spire atop the building will be announced in a future article.

Fenton and Shore told the that Holliston in Bloom will be concentrating on winning a historic preservation award when judges from America in Bloom arrive in town in July.

The school was named after Thomas Andrews according to Town Historian Joanne Hulbert. "Andrews was a merchant of straw hats, a bank president, a businessman , his name upon this educational landmark is most appropriate, considering his role in bringing educational opportunities, both secular, religious  and ecumenical, makes him a most appropriate namesake for the School Street building".


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Comments (12)

Thanks for all you do. As some one who lives in CA but, depends on this site for all news local. I am so grateful for Bobby. I would like 2 bricks how do I pay? Keep up the great work for out of town Holliston people you are a blessing.

- Mike shea | 3/15/18 2:13 AM

Bobby I think it's a great idea please put me on the list for one. Thanks for everything you do. Susan

- Susan MacDonald | 3/13/18 9:27 PM

Impossible to sully the reputation of Mayor Blair. He is a selfless townie to the marrow. His deeds are voluminous. Enough said/written.

- Paul Tobin | 3/13/18 9:16 PM

This is a great idea to preserve a bit of someone's past who attended the school or was connected in some way. I am glad that the funds will go to town causes. I know people bought pieces of the old Boston Garden, or stadiums as fundraisers and I think it's a terrific idea. Don't put any weight in the naysayers, Mr. Blair!

- Kathleen Prefontaine | 3/13/18 5:52 PM

It is a little ironic that the sale of the bricks from the demolished, historic, WPA-funded Andrews School will support our town's bid to win a historic preservation award.

- K Mallory | 3/13/18 10:13 AM

Stephen, I take exception to you attempting to muddy the reputations of Mr. Blair and others who have put time, energy, and effort into the betterment of our town. Put down the Dr. Mcgillicuddy's and get informed! $20 to help fund various projects in town....and you take issue with that??

- Stan Coffin | 3/13/18 9:45 AM

MayorBlair shame on you you have turned into a politician with n agenda.your very aware of who isn't. Bricks for blocks should never be accepted by Townies. Why didn't you fight for mudville and the Andrews School being neglected for over20years.The abestoes there is just as toxic as AxtonCross PEI or The Bird Property .Tell the town about that not putting a deaf ear on the health problem from your house. Politics correpts having an agenda building your own history, leave that up to Joanne Hulbert

- Stephen miller | 3/13/18 5:06 AM

Well Bill...the sale of these bricks will help fund a good many events here in town...perhaps some that you've enjoyed in the past on someone else's nickel.

- Stan Coffin | 3/12/18 8:36 PM

You forgot Mr and Mrs Frost.

- C. Maret | 3/12/18 6:41 PM

Thanks that my brother is getting the first brick. We both attended Andrews and my mother worked there for over 20 years and attended the 2nd Andrews School.

- Carol Kosicki | 3/12/18 5:16 PM

Any way to make money, I guess.

- Bill Heywood | 3/12/18 2:22 PM

The first brick being sold to Richard Morse whose great great grandfather was Thomas Andrews. In fact Richard's middle name is Andrews. Let the sales begin.

- Bobby Blair | 3/12/18 8:49 AM



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