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Police Log for Week of May 6 - 12, 2018

by Paul Saulnier
May 15, 2018

"Jiggling" on Norfolk, 40 winks on Concord and if you like suspicious activity, read on. We had plenty last week

May 6, 2018:

Suspicious activity, Indian Circle; report of two suspicious men walking in the area (do you know where your husbands are?)

Seven traffic stops today but no crashes.

May 7:

Soliciting, Lakeshore and Cassandra areas; unregistered solicitors.

Animal incident, Arch; report of yellow lab running free in the area. HPD found it sitting on the owner's door step (who me?)

Complaint, Fiske; report of a call with ID as "Town of Holliston" pretending to be HPD hotline (probably from Dunks)

Two crash-free days in a row.

May 8:

Soliciting, Norfolk; report of solicitor in the area "Jiggling" caller's door trying to get in.

Complaint, Bogastow Brook; door not removed from frige. HPD left a note

Suspicious activity, Pinecrest; male in black pickup taking pictures of caller's home.

Suspicious activity, Woodland; caller's son threatened by a 13 year old on a scooter.

Suspicious activity, Mill; male in gray pants and white shirt knocking on doors. Proof Pest Control salesman looking to kill bugs without a permit.

Now three in a row - a record.

May 9:

Smoke & fire, Summit Point; reported by a worker in the area. Trash fire caused by a cigarette.

Animal incident, Winchester; caller headed for her mailbox "head butted" by a dog who then followed her up the driveway until white car arrived to retreive the dog.

Animal incident, Elm; report of animal (possibly a skunk) in the storm drain (everyone was too busy to respond).

Fraud, Forest Park; credit card fraud.

Suspicious activity, Norland; lights on in an abandoned house. HPD checked and then secured back door.

Can you belive it? four days in a row without a crash.

May 10:

Road hazard, 415 Concord; sink hole reported.

Complaint, Central; barking dogs. HPD asked owner to take dogs inside (Newton's 8th law: owners never hear their dogs barking).

Going for a crash-free week!

May 11: Black Friday

Well being check, Concord; report of young woman unconsous or asleep on stone wall. GOA.

Crash, 702 Washington; drivers from Danbury CT and Woonsocket, RI. One person taken to hospital. Hometown Auto called.

Crash, 1292 Washington; Mlford versus Providence. Minor.

6:00PM, Suspicious activity, Pleasure Point; report of suspicious activity in a parked car at the lake (too early for date night activity)

May 12:

Vehicle stop with summons, Concord & Old Cart Path; Jardinei DeSilva of Woonsocket for speeding and operating with a suspended license.

Suspicious activity, Hollis; no details provided (that's suspicious).

During the reporting period, 22 citations and 20 warnings were issued. Seven erratic drivers were reported.



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Comments (3)

Bill: Verizon goes door to door as well. I've had to tell them No many times

- Aislinn | 5/18/18 10:28 PM

The humor this week made up for the lack of accidents. It was nice that the 2 that happened didn't involve Holliston residents. I am getting tired of them getting picked on. Jean Morrissey

- jean morrissey | 5/16/18 8:35 AM

I have never lived anywhere that saw so many people selling stuff door to door. Its unfortunate that the US supreme court has upheld this intrusion of privacy as free speech. My advice to you - Just tell them you are not the decision maker. There is no sales rebuttal for that. The first rule in sales is a No is a decision and that means that with more information the no can be turned into a yes. Also I can't believe a huge company like Xfinity goes door to door. That is an embarrassment. Glad I have fios

- Bill Littlefield | 5/15/18 12:52 PM



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