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by Janna Said
May 26, 2018

Group aims to educate and empower mainstream women to take action on toxins

The Holliston chapter of a revolutionary new non-profit organization, the Savvy Women’s Alliance, launched in the fall and is connecting mainstream women to the environmental health movement, with the ultimate goal of creating the tipping point in the tide of citizens calling for safe food and products free from toxic chemicals that harm human health.

The Savvy Women’s Alliance is a first-of-its-kind nationwide organization dedicated to leading and nurturing mainstream women who are curious and new to nontoxic living, and mentoring powerful agents of change. The organization’s model is a cutting-edge combination of online social forums with real face-to-face chapters designed to unite, educate, nurture, and ignite women to make informed decisions leading to healthier lifestyles and a healthier world.

“The Savvy Women’s Alliance contributes to tipping the scales of the environmental health movement,” said Kristi Marsh, founder and executive director of the Savvy Women’s Alliance. “By reaching deep into the curious mainstream and offering them a safe, encouraging community to learn, and tools they need to make change, we’ll shift healthy and nontoxic living to a new norm.”

The local Savvy Women’s Alliance chapter is designed for women beginning down a similar path: from women who would like to learn alongside others, or those who are battling breast cancer or fertility problems or whose children have inexplicable health problems, to women simply looking for what’s actually safe to use in their homes.

The Savvy Women’s Alliance prides themselves on answering the questions like “Where should I start?,” “What should I use?,” and “What do I need to know?” It then moves members as far up the ladder in making change as they want to go, from switching to healthy products all the way up to testifying on policies and participating as leaders in the movement. 

Women make up a powerful economic force, making 85% of consumer decisions in the average home.

“I designed the Savvy Women’s Alliance to nurture women’s strengths to truly make change in their own lives, the lives of their families, and on a bigger scale,” said Marsh. “Savvy connects women eager to make a difference to a  thriving community of change-makers; with companies making safe products and food so that they can flex their economic muscles to move the market; and with other nonprofits creating a safer and protective world .”

The Holliston chapter has a full calendar of gatherings planned through the rest of the year. Join us in June for a lesson about bees at a local beekeeper's farm or for a family-friendly tour of the Field Point waste water treatment facility in Providence, RI. Each year, thousands of visitors have toured this award-winning facility, ranging from school children to internationally recognized environmental scientists.

Future gathering topics include: organic farming, a DIY green cleaning party, and a book club discussion using Stacy Malkan's book Not Just a Pretty Face, the Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry.

If any of these topics sound remotely interesting and you'd like to hear more or join us, please connect with chapter ambassador, Janna Said via email or the Savvy Women's Alliance website

About Savvy: The Savvy Women’s Alliance is a nonprofit member-style association focused on exploring nontoxic living through enrichment and community, and shifting nontoxic living to the new mainstream norm.

About founder Kristi Marsh: After enduring chemotherapy and cancer as a young mom of three, Kristi Marsh skyrocketed to become one of our generation’s leading advocates on the swelling topic of personal environmental health. She founded the organization Choose Wiser, authored the book Little Changes, and has spoken at numerous events from the Senate building in Washington D.C. to the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit.

Janna Said

Independent Consultant #11147

ph: 617-571-4573 




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