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Police Log for Week of May 20 - 26, 2018

by Paul Saulnier
May 29, 2018

Sergeant George Leurini was on a tear last week as he issued 30 citations and warnings to drivers, including several summonses and a few invitations to the Greybar Hotel and ...

this is not how Holliston In Bloom recommends weeding your flower beds.

May 20, 2018:

Vehicle stop with summons, 123 Marshall; Devinne Sharp of Holliston for failure to stop for a police officer.

Fraud, Winthrop; accounts have been hacked.

Suspicious activity, Gretchen; report of gun shots (should be listed as a noisy activity)

May 21:

Traffic complaint, Roy; request for extra enforcement during rush hour.

Crash, 949 Washington; Worcester versus Central Falls. Minor.

10 PM, Vehicle check; Phillips 66; parties checked OK and moved on.

11 PM, Vehicle check, Pleasure Point; parties checked OK and advised (what advice would possibly do any good?)

May 22:

Animal incident, Underwood; golden retriever and hound dog on the loose (hound dogs are coming back, like Elvis).

Larceny, October Hill; tools missing.

Suspicious activity, Concord; two calls regarding noises like someone is trying to get in.

May 23:

Crash, 44 Oak; caller reports girlfriend drove her car into the garage (note to self: open garage door before putting the car away).

Animal incident, 777 Washington; report of dog locked in a car. Checked OK (one woof for OK; two woofs for HELP).

Crash, Railroad & Central; Milford versus Holliston.

Animal incident, Lowland; dead deer in the road.

May 24:

Crash, Norfolk & Central; Milford picks on Holliston again.

Vehicle stop with summons, 703 Washington; Luis A. Guaman Cela of Brockton. No details.

Vehicle stop with summons, 645 Washington; Lucas Henrique Viana of Milford. No details.

Disturbance, Winter; taxi driver requested HPD assistance with a fare refusing to exit the cab. HPD determined that cab is not at the correct address (maybe the fare would like it there).

May 25:

Vehicle stop with summons, 600 Highland; Jose C. Taluri of Milford for speeding and unlicensed operation of an unregistered vehicle.

Crash, Smith Row; Framingham truck hit the fence.

Crash, Balancing Rock; Scot Hooban of Plainville taken into protective custody. Hometown Auto got the vehicle and several bouquets of Lilacs.

May 26:

Vehicle stop with summons, Concord & Baker; Haroldo Betan Courth-Pican of Framingham for unlicensed operation.

Vehicle stop with arrest, 550 Washington; Mario Pineda of Lynn Street on a warrant.

Crash, 406 Washington; Boston driver singles out a Holliston driver.

Vehicle stop with arrest, Concord; Jose Fernandes of Framingham for failure to wear a seat belt and operating with suspended license.

During the reporting period, 35 citations and 14 warnings were issued. Three erratic drivers were reported.


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