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Police Log for Week of May 27 - June 2, 2018

by Paul Saulnier
June 5, 2018

Turtles are invading Holliston, and, would you hire this security firm?

May 27, 2018:

Checked prisoner every half hour of every hour of this day.

May 28:

Continued checking the prisoner.

01:40AM, Pleasure Point; party advised to leave (without admitting to being stood up)

Vehicle stop with summons, 126 Woodland; Edivane Rocha of Framingham. No details, but Hometown Auto hooked the car.

Animal incident, Oak; dog on the loose.

Suspicious activity, Sabina; caller reports a suspicious party in the area. Check OK (some suspicious parties are more suspicious than other suspicious parties).

Crash, 2318 Washington; car versus utility pole. No details.

May 29:

Wire down, School & Mechanic; trash truck again (maybe it's better if they do skip pickups).

Property damage, Wedgewood; caller heard "loud bang" in the night. Discovered damaged mail box in the morning.

May 30:

Vehicle stop with summons, 830 Washington; Cidalia Coares of Milford. No details but Hometown Auto snagged another one.

Crash with citation; Washington & Courtland; Norwood driver impacted a Holliston a minor way.

Crash, Summer; Natick & Holliston interact. Possible personal injuries noted.

Larceny, Hopping Brook Park; owner reports that someone took hundreds of dollars worth of Copper and aluminum during a 2 hour period.

Suspicious activity, Turner; female party reports young woman in a maroon bikini in backyard of daughter's house trying to gain entry. HPD spoke to the party - possibly intoxicated (not allowed to comment on possible female intoxication cases)

Suspicious activity, Hopping Brook Park; owner has security footage of two people stealing scrap metal. Vehicle located and taken by Hometown Auto to HPD.

May 31:

Suspicious activity, Norfolk; report of man looking through windows. HPD determined was installing security cameras at the wrong address.

Animal incident, 717 Highland; report of injured deer. Dispatcher reported a dead deer.

Animal incident, Washington & Hopping Brook Road; large turtle on the edge of the road. GOA (now that's a fast turtle).

Animal incident, South; large turtle spotted 5 hours after previous report (that's about 0.2 miles per hour. How fast is a police car?)

Animal incident, Prentice; yellow lab on the loose.

June 1:

Animal incident, 100 Central; report of injured turtle. Appears to have been hit by a car (fast but not fast enough)

Crash, Washington & South; car versus stroller. For detail see

Complaint, Walnut; report of large military vehicle parked in front of neighbor's house. Caller finds this "odd" (would two military vehicles make it "even"?)

Animal incident, Concord; caller stated that the neighbors dog "charged" at her children.

June 2:

Vehicle stop with arrest, 369 Pond; Nicole Santoluoito of Ashland for speeding, negligent operation, marked lanes violations and OUI-liquor.

Check prisoner.

Animal incident, Mechanic; caller reports that her dog was attacked by a Great Dane.

Animal incident, Chamberlain; brown/red dog on the loose.

During the reporting period, 22 citations and 5 warnings were issued, Three erratic drivers were reported.



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