Board of Selectmen Meeting of June 4, 2018

by Matt Ristaino
June 5, 2018

Monday’s Board of Selectmen meeting was the first since last month’s town elections, and so was the first for the board’s newest member John Cronin. Cronin will serve on the board as clerk, while Jay Marsden, now the board’s most senior member, will be the new chair, and Mark Ahronian is now vice-chair. Marsden opened the meeting by welcoming Cronin to the board.

“I want to extend a warm and hearty welcome to John to the Board of Selectmen,” said Marsden. “I look forward to the next couple of years and look forward to working together.”

The new Board of Selectmen, left to right: Mark Ahronian, Jay Marsden, and John Cronin. 

The main business of the meeting was to recognize those that worked on the 8 Arch Bridge restoration project, which finished up two weeks ago. 8 Arch Bridge committee chair Jay Robinsonalong with Paul Moyer and Dan Crovo of Gill Engineering spoke to the board about the project.

Robinson praised Gill Engineering and N.E.L., the contractor, for working within the project’s budget and working through a few bumps in the road early on in the process. Moyer and Crovo returned the praise, saying that working on the project had been a pleasure.

“This was a really fun project to work on,” said Crovo. “I’m not surprised that the job went as well as it did.”

Left to right, 8 Arch Bridge comittee chair Jay Robinson, Paul Moyer and Dan Crovo of Gill Engineering. 

Cronin asked Moyer and Crovo about the bridge’s structural integrity and if they thought that it would be safe for emergency vehicles to cross it if need be, and both assured the board that the bridge is structurally sound.

There was also discussion of the ongoing issues regarding Republic and their recycling removal service (or lack thereof). Marsden made it clear that their service has not been satisfactory, and the board is working with town council to figure out the best way to move forward.

“It has gotten progressively worse,” said Marsden about Republic’s service. “It has not gotten better and their response has been terrible.”

Marsden said that the board wants to fully explore all the available options, including possibly backing out of the town’s contract with Republic, before deciding on how to proceed. The board is set to meet with Republic in two weeks, by which time they plan to set standards and benchmarks for the service they expect, and present those to Republic at the meeting.

Town administrator Jeff Ritter gave a couple of updates on the ongoing projects in town. The construction project downtown is in its final stages, according to Ritter, and the traffic signals should be installed and turning lanes painted within two weeks.

Ritter also talked about the progress being made in cleaning up and renovating the Pinecrest Golf Club building. Cronin made it clear that he views this project, along with any town-owned infrastructure project, to be very important, and the board raised the idea of possibly creating a committee dedicated to maintaining the Pinecrest building sometime in the future.

Other business from the meeting included awarding the contract for the library roof and HVAC project to Aulson Company, LLC, officially accepting the donation of a new car from Herb Chambers to use as transportation for veterans and seniors to their medical appointments, and commendations to the veterans for putting on the Memorial Day parade, and superintendent Brad Jackson and the school committee for the high school graduation ceremony on Sunday.   


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Comments (2)

Well said, Kevin. That is how most towns operate but Holliston likes the reactive approach vs the proactive approach. See the condition of the HS both inside and out. It's condition is only addressed when residents go to social media and make noise. -Ken

- Ken Sawyers | 6/5/18 2:56 PM

Not sure a committee dedicated to maintaining a single town-owned facility is the most effective answer. For a number of years' there have been suggestions about establishing a position responsible for the management of maintenance of all town-owned buildings. It is counter productive to town business (and the specific mission of the units) to have the directors or other parties of such buildings have to cope with maintenance and construction issues of the buildings they are housed in, as well as their regular responsibilities. The library, town hall, senior center, golf course building, etc. should have regular maintenance management, not rely on staff to call repair craft, assess needs, and oversee work.

- Kevin Robert Malone | 6/5/18 8:59 AM



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