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Drew Dykema Built Two Boardwalks in Wenakeening Woods

by Paul Saulnier
August 1, 2018

Drew Dykema selected the replacement of two rotten boardwalks in Wenakeening Woods for his Eagle Scout project.

Earning the title of Eagle Scout requires the candidate to coordinate the project from concept through construction, coordinating all the steps in between. Drew Dykema worked tirelessly through all the steps to the finished project seen below.

The first step on both sites was the removal of the old boardwalks, each about 30 feet long.

Some of the lumber was precut off site to make the wood easier to carry in the woods.


The people helping Drew build the boardwalks on Saturday were Richard Downey, Mary Coyne, James Hathaway, Lucas Pocher, Michael O'Sullivan, Bill Dykema, Andrew Dykema and Carolyn Dykema.

Drew stands by the completed boardwalk near the Summer Street entrance to Wenakeening Woods.

Drew and his team also replaced the boardwalk near the Highland Street entrance (above and below).

Wenakeening Woods is open to the public with parking available on Summer and Highland Streets. For more information about Wenakeening Woods and the Upper Charles Conservation Land Trust, which owns Wenakeening and other conservation land in Metrowest, check out their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/uppercharles/  or go to  https://sites.google.com/site/uppercharleslandtrust/

Editors note: I want to take this opportunity to name the gentleman above as Holliston's Citizen of the Week. As I came upon him in the woods with his two dogs on leashes, he was picking up after his dogs! I thanked him for his stewardship and he agreed that all dogs should be leashed when walking in public spaces. I hope the lady I encountered earlier on the trail reads this. Her dogs were not leashed, as both charged me and one bit me on my calf. What if I had my 2 year old grandson with me? That bite would be about face high.


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Comments (6)

Leash law. Total nanny state. Back in the day, we'd let our dogs be dogs and if someone had a problem, we'd deal with it on the spot. Case closed.

- Phil Dermon | 8/3/18 7:50 AM

Page 30 of the Town By-laws: Section 7. Dogs Running at Large. A person who owns or keeps a dog in the Town shall restrain such dog from running at large during such hours as determined by the Board of Selectmen and filed with the Animal Control Officer and the Town Clerk. The Town Clerk shall provide a copy of the regulations to each licensee at the time of the first licensing of the dog. The BOS has deemed 24 hours a day as the hours when dogs must be leashed. This info is provided when dogs are licensed with the Town Clerk. Town by-laws can be found on town website, search for by-laws, scroll down to Town By-laws (as opposed to zoning). This law was first passed in the late 1960s and has been on the books since then, though when it first passed, the law only applied to daytimes. That was amended to be all day and night.

- Mary Greendale | 8/2/18 10:18 AM

As "Citizen of the Week" I thank you, but really, it seems rather unnecessary and over-blown - or at least it should be. My dogs stay on leash because that's the responsible thing to do. We've had some difficult encounters with other dogs off-leash, as the big one (he's in the back) doesn't like large dogs getting too close - he reacts very badly when that happens. He's incredibly loud (he's a rescued coonhound-saluki mix from AL, and his howl is just deafening). He will jump and act like a jerk. And if a dog does get in his face, he will snap at them. Plus, he goes utterly out of his mind crazy if he smells or sees a deer (and UPS trucks too for some reason, please don't ask me why). I'd never get him back if I let him run after one. I'm just trying to do my best and keep him and everybody else safe. And, BTW, as to those who mention that they think we have a leash law in town, I did too. But then I checked the rules as best as I could and I could not find any such law. I wish we did. Far too many people let their dogs off-leash when they don't have the control that they need to keep their dogs, other dogs or - much worse - other people safe. The fact that the author of the story got bitten by some dogs is just wrong. So, honestly, all honors to Drew Dykema for such great work on the new footbridge. I'm just some random guy with a difficult dog who is trying to do the right thing as best as I can. I'm no "Citizen of the Week."

- michael simon | 8/1/18 10:46 PM

I thought we had a leash law in town.

- Herb Krauss | 8/1/18 8:18 AM

Good job by the Eagle scout. You wanted to "name the gentleman", but you never stated his name. Can you tell us?

- Richard Shansky | 8/1/18 7:21 AM

Congratulations Drew on a job well done Anderson also being an Eagle Scout. Wear your pin with pride

- Jerry Kiley | 8/1/18 7:18 AM



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