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Police Log for Week of July 29 - August 4, 2018

by Paul Saulnier
August 7, 2018

Is there anyone in Holliston (besides the Selectmen past and present) who thinks that the lights downtown improved traffic flow?

July 29, 2018:

Crash, 74 Summer; Ashland versus Candia, NH. One person taken to hospital, Hometown took a vehicle to storage.

Selective enforcement, 760 Washington; light cycle check. Also checked light cycle at Exchange. Both checked OK (a watched dog never eats your desert).

July 30:

Crash, 121 Woodland; no  details but hometown Auto dispatched.

Crash, Washington & Church Place; a Pembroke driver hit a Holliston driver and a hydrant. Hometown Auto and the Water Department called.

Traffic complaint, Washington & Central; caller stated that the lights not cycling properly and "people are going through the red lights out of frustration".(first of many calls from Holliston-based traffic engineers)

July 31:

Animal incident, Union; dog walker reports losing a dog in Ashland (Boston terrier).

August 1:

Traffic complaint, Pleasant; caller complaining about electronic speed limit set up on the street (damned if you do...)

Breaking & Entering, Fiske. No details.

Vehicle stop with summons, Concord & Kuniholm; Yefry Navas of Framingham for violations 90-10, 18 and 24 (two more and he might have won RMV BINGO).

10:30 PM, vehicle check, Pleasure Point; Medfield resident advised to move on (reserved for Holliston lovers).

August 2:

Vandalism, Wingate; mail box destroyed.

Traffic complaint, Washington & Central; more confusion, more irritation, long lines.

Vandalism, Arthur; another mail box destroyed.

August 3:

Animal incident, HPD; report of an incident with a dog. Advised to call ACO

Animal incident, Underwood; report of dog "looking lost"( was it a Boston Terrier?).

Animal incident, Washington & Highland; report of German shepard running free (no mention of whether it knew where it was going).

August 4:

Vehicle stop with summons, 855 Washijngton; Evelline Costa of Framingham for speeding and juvenile operating without an adult (is it OK if the adult doesn't have a license?)

Crash, 786 Washington; two Holliston residents in spite of the new lights. One taken to hospital.

Crash, 1292 Washington; car versus deer. Deer GOA.

During the reporting period, 13 citations and 19 warnings were issued. Four erratic drivers were reported,




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Comments (3)

re Peter Simpson... Why wouldn't you be allowed to make a right on red out of central?

- Alex J | 8/9/18 4:52 PM

In fairness, I sat through 2 cycles of lights on Central St on Sunday, 7/5. It does seem that something's amiss there. Finally made a right on red.

- Peter Simpson | 8/7/18 12:37 PM

? when one dispatches an animal that had been found not doing well and dispatching Hometown Auto the same thing. another good day with the Holliston reporter. Thank you Jean Morrissey

- Jean Morrissey | 8/7/18 7:16 AM



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