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Police Log for Week of September 2 - 8, 2018

by Paul Saulnier
September 11, 2018

Commuters continue to be less than impressed with the new traffic lights. Maybe if we promise to use our blinkers, the Selectmen will turn their lights to blinkers.

September 2, 2018:

Larceny, Granite; political lawn sign stolen.

Crash with summons, 62 Norfolk; car versus pole. Eddy Perez of RI for negligent operation and an unregistered car (saves a little money for the insurance company).

Traffic complaint, Green; caller stuck at the light in RED mode (look on bright side: it's GREEN for everyone else)..

Complaint, Pinecrest; water ponding on front lawn. Determined not to be sewage or oil. Water Dept shut off service.

Complaint, Gorwin; water ponding on street. Water Dept shut off service.

Traffic complaint, Washington & Hollis; caller stuck at light in RED mode for 4 minutes (advice same as last week: leave earlier)

September 3:

00:03, Vehicle stop, 1568 Washington; Officer John Luftus stopped car with five occupants. Three taken home and parents notified.

00:37, Repo Man on Foxwood Cove hooked a Subaru.

Crash, Washington & Linden; Ashland driver selected a Holliston driver to bump into.

Vehicle stop with summons, 2318 Washington; Sheila Serrano of Milford for driving an uninsured vehicle and driving with a suspended license.

Animal incident, Oak; caller found a small friendly dog without a leash and brought it to HPD. ACO notified.

Walk-in, HPD; Washington Street resident read about a lost dog on Facebook. Dog and owner happily reunited (no mention of fine for unlicensed dog).

September 4:

Crash, 550 Washington; Milford driver takes out another Holliston driver. They exchange paint and paper.

Animal incident, Hill; car versus unleashed dog. Car keeps going. Dog taken to vet by owner (where was the leash?)

Complaint, Highland; gift car received in the mail from Walmart determined to be a scam.

September 5:

Crash, 755 Concord; a rock of unknown origin hit a passing car and was reported by Sirius XM.

Complaint, Johnson; multiple calls of a car speeding, illegally using cut-through and not stopping for school; buses. HPD notified owner who will follow up with his son (can you spell GROUNDED?)

September 6:

Crash, 1099 Washington; Milford versus Hopedale (thanks for leaving Holliston drivers out of it).

Crash, 73 Charles; car versus fence - both damaged. Nick's Towing responded by request of the driver.

Crash, 777 Washington; Millis versus Holliston (thanks for nothing)

Crash, 6 Winthrop; Lowell car hit overnight by unknown car.

September 7:

Animal incident, Winter; caller reported a donkey and a horse in the back yard. Owner located (Mister Ed called him)

Erratic driver arrested, Washington & Highland; Chad Farrell of Holliston for OUI liquor, reckless driving and possession of a Class E drug.

Check prisoner.

September 8:

Crash, Washington & Monroe; Medway versus Holliston. No details but we know who was at fault.

11:30 PM, Complaint, Mohawk; report of four teenagers laying in the roadway. Advised "not to be in the street".

During the reporting period, 20 citations and 15 warnings were issued.Three erratic drivers were reported.



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Comments (2)

I missed the picture at the top of the report. WORLD PEACE BEGINS AT HOME OR IN THE CAR.

- jean morrissey | 9/14/18 10:03 AM

I am in love with a donkey named Ernest but he lives too far away from Winter st to be him. I am so glad he would be home safe and sound. Life is good in Holliston except for the drivers who come to town to mess with the good people. Jealousy will get you nowhere. Sorry out of towers.

- Jean morrissey | 9/11/18 1:23 PM



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