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Why did I do this?

by Paul Saulnier
October 8, 2018

I am not a reporter, a journalist, a photographer, or even a political pundit.

About 13 or 14 years ago, I read Holliston Net News once a week to keep up to date on the latest events affecting Holliston and its residents. One morning I went to a Friday staff meeting with Bobby Blair, Ann Talbot and Bill Tobin. I don’t know why.

They told me that I could report on events or write stories about things that interested me. No pressure, no deadlines and no restrictions other than remain neutral when covering political events. Report the facts, just the facts. Alright I’ll give it a try but no promises. Soon I was covering parades, town meetings, guided walks through Holliston woodlands and political events. To my surprise I actually enjoyed this stuff. Look out, Walter Cronkite, here I come.

With Facebook and the Patch becoming more popular we soon realized that we would have to get our reports published daily in order to compete. So was born in May of 2008. Covering and reporting on events big and small gave me the opportunity to meet people, big and small. Reporting their story was important to them. The rest of the staff felt the same way. As long as it is about Holliston it is important.

We didn’t do it alone. Over that past 10 years, more than 600 people have contributed to the 14,500 articles published in Why did they do it?

The short answer is that it feels good. The long answer has to do with a feeling of belonging to the community that is Holliston. I’m sure every one of the 600 plus who contributed articles or announcements to and saw their work published on the World Wide Web felt a sense of accomplishment. You don’t have to write a best seller to take pride in your work. As that old adage goes: Think globally, act locally.

The point of all this to encourage you to fill in behind me as I semi-retire from No pressure, no deadlines and no restrictions other than remain neutral when covering political events.

Both Bobby and Mary asked that I continue to post the Police log. How could I not?





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Comments (9)

Thanks for all the photos, articles and information you pass along to us as readers. I will miss your camera pointing at all the interesting events that happen in Holliston.

- Herb Brockert | 10/11/18 11:15 PM

I hope Holliston Reporter lives a good long time. Some of us have interest in using Facebook! If I thought I could help HR, I would. I just have no skills in that direction.

- Mark | 10/9/18 11:26 PM

Paul, I am sorry to see you leave the Holliston Reporter. The E-paper has been a reliable and "cementing" part of bringing this community together. You, Bobby Blair, Bill Tobin, and Ann Talbot literally pulled off the impossible. With your effort people of Holliston discovered our common interests, and, in fact, made us an electronically connected community. There is no denying that "I'm Happy in Holliston" on Facebook has supplemented "Reporter's" original purpose. I, and many more are grateful for the yeoman service you and your diminishing crew have done. You have earned a rest. I don't know if there are people to step in and replace you, and Bill, for whom Mary Greendale is doing a good job covering his part. Bobby is one of the hardest and versatile workers in Holliston. He's no kid either, and can't keep up his current pace forever. Getting to the point, are there young people in Holliston willing to step in and continue this great community service? Being a part of "The Holliston Reporter" is as much a community service as being an elected or volunteer part of town government. I hope there are people willing to step up and take your (collective) place. "Holliston Reporter" has been a valuable part of our community. There are few communities who have enjoyed such a selfless local asset. Paul, proudly enjoy your retirement.

- John Losch | 10/9/18 6:48 PM

Paul - Thank you for your tirless work, and you do it with a smile.

- Mark Ahronian | 10/9/18 6:24 AM

I seem to recall you going into semi-retirement about 10 or so years ago. This makes me wonder what is retirement, really? Is it backing out of what you are currently doing and backing into something else that tweaks your interest? I've been retiring every year since I retired from the full time work world ranks 18 years ago and there seems to be more to do every day than the day before. There doesn't seem to be any distinction between weekdays and weekends any more, except for when AM & PM commuters clog the roads and I go to church. I wish you good luck for whatever you are backing into.

- John Buchanan | 10/8/18 11:35 PM

Thank you for the countless hours of dedication to the one journal we all count on every day. Through good times and bad, you provide the headlines that continue to hold us together! You will be missed. I wouldn't say you leave big shoes to fill because the tradition seems to be not to replace but to welcome the new. So glad you're continuing with the log!! Enjoy your new found time! You've earned it.

- Theresa | 10/8/18 5:28 PM

DITTO ON THE OTHER POSTS. I TOO am grateful you are doing the police log. Yes some bad things can happen in Holliston we are not exempt but you can put a respectful but sometimes humorous twist to it. I love it when deer or dogs are GOA. You handle PeppieLaPew with dignity as well. In your semi-retirement be well. Jean Morrissey

- JEAN MORRISSEY | 10/8/18 1:50 PM

Will MISS your dry sense of humor in your articles. So glad that you will continue the weekly police log. Enjoy your "semi-retirement"..I am sure the readers of Holliston Reporter will LOVE to read about your travels or daily anecdotes . Claire B

- Claire Bresnahan | 10/8/18 9:12 AM

Say it isn't so Paul! Thank you for all you did to make Holliston Reporter such a success. I have always enjoyed reading your articles & will miss them. Glad you are still writing the Police Log. Have always loved your sense of humor & take on things. Enjoy your semi-retirement!

- Deb Moore | 10/8/18 7:24 AM



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