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Holliston in Bloom Wrap-up for 2018

by Mary Greendale
October 15, 2018

The Judges Aren’t Coming! in 2019...so decided the Committee. 

Holliston in Bloom Committee Meeting
"I'm tired. We are all tired," said Kathy Shore at the recent Holliston in Bloom meeting. "It is not typical for a town to compete for five consecutive years, host the AIB National Symposium in year six, and then compete again. We deserve a break from competition. We need to evaluate where we are and how we proceed with HIB."

The members unanimously agreed that they did not want HIB to go away..."not after all this work!" But they want it to become more efficient and to become sustainable so that the community can look beautiful well into the future. 

Kathy Shore mentioned research done by Professor Charlie Hall from Texas A & M, which defines real tangible economic benefits of the community efforts of America in Bloom, e.g. increased property values. Hall's extensive research can be found at http://www.americainbloom.org/resources/Benefits-of-Plants---Economic.aspx

"We don't want to lose the value we have added. No one can deny that the church border is an outstanding addition to the downtown, but it's also a lot of work - all the beds are work; so we have to work smarter," Shore said. Members nodded in agreement. 

Shore and her Co-Chair Cherry Fenton are shown here at the Kentucky Symposium where Holliston was awarded its first national award that we ever received from America in Bloom, Celebrating Heritage. "Over and over, people mentioned the 2017 Symposium in Holliston to me - the historic tour around downtown, the marching band, the High School Chorus, Paul Revere...we heard it all and were very, very proud." (Shore) 

Looking ahead, the Committee intends to examine each project area for ways in which to make the project more sustainable. Some may require changes in plants to reduce water needs. Others may need drip irrigation. Members of HIB are hoping that they can build a network of partners who will assist in their efforts to maintain the beds by creating many possible ways in which to help.

"We will continue to fund raise. We will develop a new kind of management approach now that we won't be focusing all our efforts on a July judges' tour and big celebration," noted Co-Chair Cherry Fenton."And we will be asking for help."

In January, the Committee will move forward with project planning. The members tossed around ideas about creating liaisons to other organizations, naming the different beds in honor of people, creating signs crediting people who adopt a bed, providing classes on basic planting skills, establishing Wednesday as Weeding Day... on and on, the ideas bounced around the table.

Boundless possibilities. New ones coming in 2019. Just no judges. 





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Comments (1)

The committee and all of its efforts have done wonders for our town! There is a real sense of pride driving through town. The church border is magnificent as well as the other displays. Thanks so much and I know you will try to keep up the great work. Sue

- Sue Schnapp | 10/15/18 9:56 AM



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