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Police Log for Week of October 14 - 20, 2018

by Paul Saulnier
October 23, 2018

Especially true in this week's log.

October 14, 2018:

Vehicle stop with summons, 420 Concord; Vanderwillian of Framingham for the usual Framingham drivers.

Crash, 447 Central; car versus utility pole. Hometown Automotive got the call.

Crash, Westfield and Travis; One car. No details but Hometown Automotive got another call.

October 15:

Vandalism, Pleasure Point; car vandalized.

Suspicious vehicle, Mohawk; Toyota Rav 4 parked in front of caller's home drove off when resident approached it.

Crash, Washington & Woodland; two Holliston cars bump and Hometown Automotive got called again.

Administrative function, HPD; restraint chair training.

October 16:

Road hazard, Winter; Tree in the road. Officer Remkus removed it.

Road hazard, Old Cart; baby carriage in the road (baby issued a ticket for driving without a license).

Road hazards, Marshall, Mill, Ashland, Central & Bullard and Ashland again. Officer Remkus got a workout.

06:00 AM, traffic enforcement, Winter; Nine cars. Top speed of 33 mph recorded.

Road hazard, Holly; tree limb and wire in the road.

Animal incident, Old Cart; dog pulled away from owner and is on the loose.

Animal incident, Northway; dog walking in the middle of the road (too bad the owner wasn't there instead).

October 18:

Animal incident, 101 Summer; small dog running in the middle of the road until hit by a car. Driver took it to Holliston Animal Clinic where it was pronounced dead. Owner notified.

Complaint, Brooksmont; drone flying over the area (Fafard spy plane).

Road hazard, Prentice; large tree branch in the road. GOA.

Fraud, Hargrave; caller gave personal information to stranger on the phone. Advised to call the bank.

Lock out, Hemlock; caller locked the car with dogs inside and engine running (lucky the dogs didn't know how to put it in D).

Road hazard, Westfield & Dixon; water main break.

October 19:

Suspicious activity, Wingate; report of cars in the driveway off and on and people coming and going in the condemned house.

Crash, 747 Washington; Medway car picks on a Holliston car in a minor way.

Animal incident, 199 Concord; report of deer running in the road (can't blame the owner).

October 20:

04:00 AM, Assist citizen, Goulding; caller looking for help to fix burst pipe in the garage after plumber worked in the house on Friday.

Complaint, Fiske; multiple calls regarding gun shots. Duck hunter reported being in the area.

Vandalism, Stoddard Park; grafitti on the storage box.

Animal incident, Lakeshore; caller reports a loose dog behind a fence and another dog blocking the caller's way. ACO notified.

During the reporting period, 11 citations and 19 warnings were issued. Six erratic drivers were reported.


I keep a positive outlook on life and always keep my chin up.


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Comments (3)


The caller stated that it was a condemned home on Wingate

- Paul Saulnier | 10/24/18 2:22 PM

Did I miss something? Condemned house on Wingate?

- Marty Lamb | 10/24/18 11:25 AM

This week was loaded with trash in road and dogs in the road. ? I wonder if it might be a good idea if the hunting seasons be posted in the Reporter. It might save nuisance calls.

- Jean Morrissey | 10/23/18 2:35 PM



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