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Civil Discourse - What It Means To Us

by The Publishers
February 19, 2019


What civil discourse means to us:

  • Us, the Publishers;
  • Us, the story contributors;
  • Us, those who read the Holliston Reporter;
  • Us, those who comment on posted content;
  • Us, the community of Holliston

As the latest in the lineage of Holliston Reporter publishers, it is our turn to share our expectations about our community’s news website.

Civil discourse is often described as engaging in conversation intended to enhance understanding.  We believe that civil discourse as it relates to the Holliston Reporter, starts and ends with us – the publishers.

It starts here.  We have crafted a mission statement that guides our publishing efforts.  “It is our mission to provide unbiased reporting on all facets of life in Holliston as a service to the community.”

To that end, we will write and edit content to meet the unbiased and civil discourse standards.  Content and comments posted on the Holliston Reporter site should demonstrate respect for those who will read the content.  Civil discourse focuses as much – or more – on HOW things are written than what the point is.

And, as in the past, ALL comments posted to an article must contain both names of the contributor and the valid e-mail address of that contributor.

It ends here.  When content / comments do not meet the standards of unbiased and / or do not enhance understanding, we will remove that content / comment from the site.

The Holliston Reporter should always be a safe place to go to learn about happenings in our community.



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Comments (6)

Mr. Losch -

We are new to this endeavor and are continually learning new things about our community and the Holliston Reporter website.

Your frustration with the formatting of comments is something we will work to improve over time.

Thank you for supporting our local news website. Chris and Yvette Cain

- The Publishers | 2/23/19 9:26 AM

A practical complaint: it is impossible to write a comment to Holliston Reporter in more than one paragraph.

If I, or any one else, writes in more than one paragraph the text is printed as one run-on paragraph.

This leaves the message and the messenger looking illiterate.

When I know my message will be confusing because of how it will look in print I don't bother to respond.

I don't know how you can correct this, but I wish you would find a way.

- John Losch | 2/21/19 12:22 AM

We know what you meant, Henry

- Paul Saulnier | 2/20/19 4:42 PM

Hey, my comment had four thumbs up not question marks.

- Hhenry Dellicker | 2/20/19 12:48 PM

Thank you, I read the Holliston Reporter every day. At home and away. You are doing a fine job. ????

- Henry Dellicker | 2/20/19 8:54 AM

That is what makes my morning read THE HOLLISTON REPORTER. Even local radio stations are not always local. If I want world news I can get that anywhere.

- Jean Morrissey | 2/19/19 9:03 AM



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