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Police Log for Week of February 17 - 23, 2019

by Paul Saulnier
February 26, 2019

Consider yourself lucky if you were not pulled over last week by Holliston's finest.

A word to the numb: Don't park on the street when snow is forcast.

February 17, 2017:

K 9 trraining, Boynton and Lowland.

February 18:

03:00 AM, parking complaint, 152 Turner; cars parked in the road obstructing Hwy plows. Seven received citations.

K 9 training with Hopkinton K 9 (did you take a bite out of anyone lately?. No. How about you?)

Crash, 741 Marshall; Holliston car into woods. Hometown Automotive pulled it out.

Crash, 50 Hanlon; Milford versus Medfield. Hometown gets both.

February 19:

Crash, Old Cart and Minuteman; Bellingham versus Framingham (at least one had paperwork).

Crash, Central & Fiske; two from Holliston test the Pauli exclusion principle.

February 20:

Animal incident, Mayflower; report of racoon wandering down the road and may be sick, according to the caller. HPD's racoon expert determined that the racoon was fine except for an injured rear paw (directions given to local animal hospitals).

Crash, 690 Norfolk; Woonsocket car off the road. Hometown Automotive put it back on the road.

February 21:

Parking complaint, Turner & Indian Ridge South; another 7 citations for parking on the road during snow plowing operations.

Parking complaint, Pond View; two more citations for parking on the street during snow removal.

Crash, 120 Brook; Bellingham versus Upton; Hometown Automotive wins.

Smoke & Fire; 84 Elm; Fire Department responded.

Animal incident, 20 Whitney; report of two German Shepards running down the road; Dogs located at Amusement Bark Doggy Day Care (dogs just want to have fun).

Crash, Regency; Blackstone car hit a building.

February 22:

Animal incident, 76 Brook; injured deer in the roadway. Went into the woods (overheard the call to the Dispatcher).

25 traffic stops today (no time left for anything else).

February 23:

Animal incident, Gorwin; owner called to report its dog is out wandering. Called back to report the dog has returned (decided not to run away).

Crash, Washington & Paul; Milford versus Uxbridge. No details.

Crash,  763 Washington; Natick driver reports past accident for insurance purposes.

During the reporting period, 63 citations and 29 warnings were issued. Two erratic drivers were reported. Framingham unlicensed, uninsured drivers continue to avoid Holliston.




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Comments (1)

NOTE TO SELF: Don't judge a police log by the first posts. I was all set to say a boring week then it snowed. I do wonder what out of towners find in the woods to take their cars in there and need to be pulled out. Like the dog, I would run away but then I thought where will my next P.B.&J come from.

- Jean Morrissey | 2/26/19 9:23 PM



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