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Police Log for Week of February 24 - March 2, 2019

by Paul Saulnier
March 5, 2019

P.I.T.A. on Hollis and a Walpole car in the wrong place at the wrong time - twice.

Back in th day the crossing guard rode on the bus. Martha, are you related to this guy?

February 24, 2019:

00:05, Vehicle stop, 2162 Washington; Angel of Framingham started our week off bright and early with some paperwork from Officer Charles Grace.

Traffic enforcement, Marshall; four cars monitored; 27 mph max speed recorded (no money to be made on Marshall).

05:00 PM, Noise complaint, Central; report of loud noises coming from a backhoe. Advised about town noise bylaws (how about advice on a muffler shop?).

K 9 training; Boynton.

February 25:

Animal incident, Francine; two Great Pyrenese dogs on the loose.

Smoke & fire, 1450 Washington; transformer fire.

Crash, Washington & Summer; two cars. GOA. No  details (hard to get details when the combatants leave before the law arrives).

Complaint, Turner; Pizza not delivered. Shop said they tried but no one answered the door (I'll take it).

Wires and limbs down all over town.

Animal incident, Hollis; donkey on the run. (this donkey has been loose before and is becoming a pain in the ass).

Crash, 83 Elm; minor crash in the parking lot.

February 26:

Fraud, Norfolk; credit card fraud.

K 9 training; HPD

More wires down around town.

February 27:

Crash, Adams; car versus rock (should have challenged paper or scissors)

February 28:

Crash, 1850 Washington; report of one car off the road. GOA.

Fourteen citations issued for parking violation on Turner and Indian Ridge South during a snow emergency.

Crash, 123 Cedar; Ashland car abuses Holliston car.

Crash, 459 Washington; Boston car violated Holliston car with a rear ender.

March 1:

Larceny. 12 Fairview; table saw stolen.

Crash, Hopping Brook; two cars that would rather not meet with HPD. GOA.

March 2:

Animal incident, 757 Highland; deceased deer on the side of the road. HWY called.

Vehicle stop with summons, 176 Hollis; driver from Denver mashes a Framingham car (question: When you crash into an uninsured & unregistered Framingham car are you not responsible for their repairs?).

Crash, 319 Central; a Walpole car out of sorts on the side of the road.

Crash, 319 Central; a Millis car hit as the Walpole car still recovering from the previous crash.

Larceny, 406 Washington; report of theft at Vape City.

K 9 training, HPD.

Vehicle stop with summons; Pedro H. Dasilva-Machdo of Framingham. No details but Holliston Automotive called to haul away the vehicle.

During the reporting period 33 citations and 23 warnings were issued. Four erratic drivers were reported.

BWTM: The descendants of those who wrote this law obviously wrote the current self defense laws of Massachusetts

March 3, 1739/40:          

Ebenezer Littlefield and John Haven were chosen to take care that the Law of this province for preventing the destruction of deer be duly executed on the violators thereof.





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Wow! another good coffee read!

- Jean Morrissey | 3/5/19 9:55 AM



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