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Police Log for Week of May 5 - 11, 2019

by Paul Saulnier
May 14, 2019

HPD is supporting the African Library Project. Recycle your books there for schools in the Republic of Malawi.

Cinco de Mayo, 2019

Only four traffic stops but the prisoner was checked every 15 minutes over the whole day. That's 96 times today alone.

May 6:

The 15 minute interval check of the prisoner continues today.

Animal incident, Washington; loose dog "found" and delivered to HPD. Owner eventually located. Dog checked every 15 minutes.

Crash, 229 Lowland; Barry Bros. disposal truck "just brushed" the pole, according to the driver after noticing the power lines were down.

Animal incident, Linden; injured turtle reported headed for the pond.

Smoke & fire, Whispering Lane; HFD responded while HPD directed traffic. A person exited the residence carrying a laundry basket on fire (the dryer must have been set on "Millenial Dry" (I want it dry, and I want it dry NOW).

Crash, 1292 Washington; Milford versus Medway; One person taken to hospital and at least one car taken to Hometown Automotive.

Complaint, Exchange & Railroad; report of dead snake near a bench on the Rail Trail. Hwy wasn't called

K 9 assistance provided to Medway PD.

May 7:

04:40 AM, Suspicious activity, 1000 block of Washington; person wearing black discovered in caller's garage ran off when spotted. Person of interest taken to HPD @ 07:50 AM and then taken home @ 11:47 AM.

Crash, Washington & Summer; Blackstone versus Hollis Center, ME.

Traffic complaint, Union; drivers ignoring new stop signs. HPD monitored 10 vehicles. All stopped (any chance that the cruiser parked next to the stop sign affected the results of the survey?).

K 9 training, Boynton.

May 8:

Animal incident, Whitney; report of two loose German Shepards. GOA (I wonder if they pick up after themselves).

Crash, Washington & Prospect; two from Milford. Hometown Automotive called to clear away the debris.

Traffic complaint, Washington & Hollis; caller requesting drivers be issued special tickets for "creating gridlock during rush hour". Let's take it one step further: loss of license for 30 days. Eventually there will be no drivers and no grid lock.

Animal incident, South & Fisher; report of a loose German Shepard with a pink collar. GOA.

Road hazard, Winter; report of water line break. Water Department notified.

K 9 assistance provided to Natick PD on a B & E.

May 9:

Fraud, Taylor; on-line pay account accessed.

Suspicious activity, Green; report of man apparently intoxicated and smoking an unknown substance.

Several warnings issued to motorists on Union (only the ones issued by HPD included here).

K 9 training, Boynton (advice to burglars: stay away from Boynton).

May 10:

Crash, 703 Washington; Franklin versus Warwick, RI.

Animal incident, Holliston driver took on a deer. Both lost.

May 11:

Animal incident, Orchard; small black dog on the loose. GOA.

Suspicious activity, Church; concerned caller reports person who is part of a Facebook group afflicted with migrane headaches asking others if they thought of committing suicide during an episode. HPD agreed to contact Providence PD to check on the person.

Animal incident, Chamberlain; barking dog complaint.

During the reporting period, 30 citations and 16 warnings were issued. Three erratic drivers were reported. 429 calls were logged last week.


City-bound Millenials rent space in the country to have a picnic.


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Hope prisoner was a good conversationalist or it could have been a very boring day

- Jean Morrissey | 5/15/19 4:02 PM



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