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July Volunteer of the Month - Bobby Blair

by Press Release
July 31, 2019

Each month, Give Back to Givers honors a "Volunteer of the Month" to highlight his/her service and dedication to the town of Holliston, and to show how important volunteerism is to the town. This month we honor Bobby Blair. 


Each month, Give Back to Givers honors a "Volunteer of the Month" to highlight his/her service and dedication to the town of Holliston, and to show how important volunteerism is to the town. This month we honor Bobby Blair. 

What have you done in the past for volunteer work?

I was a Volunteer fireman HFD, volunteer Aux Police HPD, Town of Holliston Memorial Day Committee, Co-founder of the Holliston Pantry Shelf, Member of the 250th & 275th Anniversary Committee. I brought Moving Wall to town in 1999. I am also a former member of the town's Agricultural Commission & Community Farm Advisory Board.

What are your current volunteer roles?

I’m a member of the Friends of the Community Farm, Manager of the Downtown Marigold Project, Contributing writer for the Holliston Reporter. Involved in many veterans activities including the yearly Veterans Day Dinner at town hall.

What got you involved in volunteering?

I made a promise to God in Vietnam that if I got home safe I would do volunteer work.

What’s your favorite part of volunteering?

The best part of volunteering is being with like-minded people who give of themselves.

What have you gotten out of volunteering?

A small sense of satisfaction can be had from volunteering. The gift really is in the giving and a reminder that everything is not about me. To whom much is given, much is expected.

Content and Photo provided by Anna Curran and Bobby.

Publishers' Note: Bobby is a humble servant to his beloved Holliston.  He certainly is much more than a 'contributing writer' to us as we continue to navigate the publishing of the Holliston Reporter.  A well-deserved recognition for our 'Mayor.'



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Comments (7)

Mayor Blair belongs in the Holliston "Volunteer Hall of Fame" - I don't know how he does it, but he does - congratulations (again) and thank you

- Lee DeSorgher | 8/1/19 9:48 AM

Hooray! I agree that Bobby Blair is a most deserving recipient of the outstanding volunteer award.

He is one in a zillion, and actually lives by his motto, " to much is given, much is expected".

It appears that he thrives on doing and giving to and for others!

Kudos and thanks to Mayor Blair????????

- Nancy Karis | 8/1/19 8:48 AM

No one has worked any harder for the community at the same time asking for less. For many reasons an example for many people. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.

- John Losch | 7/31/19 10:32 PM

Absolutely !! Bobby's middle name is "volunteer" ....let's remember ....Posters honoring fallen soldiers. 3,000 plus small flags planted on the green in honor of the victims of 9-11. Helping to launch the food pantry. The Downtown marigolds. America in Bloom. Memorial Day events for years and years. Brothers of the Brush (1974). I could go on and on. Bobby honored his promise to God by serving Holliston - aren't we lucky! Thanks, Bob, we all love ya.

- Mary Greendale | 7/31/19 10:14 AM

Congratulations Mayor, so well deserved. The mayor has been an incredible inspiration to so many volunteers in a wide range of interests. He has helped transform Holliston to its wonderful beauty, its sense of community, and quality of life with all of his contributions.

- Robert Weidknecht | 7/31/19 8:26 AM

We need more Bobby Blair's in the world

- JEAN MORRISSEY | 7/31/19 6:39 AM

Congratulations Mayor!!! So well deserved!

- Stacey Raffi | 7/31/19 6:23 AM



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