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Mission trip to Haiti - July 7 to 11, 2019

by Ken Henderson
August 7, 2019

Mission trip to Haiti- July 7 to 11, 2019

The First Congregational Church in Holliston invited its members to consider a mission trip to Haiti.  Be Like Brit, an orphanage, was the focus.  16 responded.  Beyond the financial cost was the personal challenge that often asks “why would I go?”  

Left to right: Katelyn Putvinski, Alyssa Brucato, Sydney Collier, Megan Putvinski, Ashley Rivas, Sydney Brucato

Here is a summary of comments and reactions from a variety of youth and leaders who made the trip.

“Despite the many needs we see, there is a lot of love in Haiti.”

“We could see firsthand what poverty looks like and I was shocked.”

“Being able to help build simple homes for people was so rewarding.”

“The children were awesome to be with.”

“The arrival in Haiti was more that I could have imagined” (a little chaotic)

“Seeing the beautiful countryside and having great drivers to get us around.”

“Taking the kids to the beach and feeling like a big family.”

“Not speaking their language was isolating at times.”

“A little insecure since everything was so different.”

“Felt blessed to be helping children.”

“I wanted to do more.”

“I can see what attracted Brit to work in Haiti, kindness and love.”

See more on the attached web link:

It’s hard to capture in words what we feel but these highlights help share the experience.  A mission trip to one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere is an amazing challenge. 

We in Holliston are so unaccustomed to the day to day struggles that so many people endure daily. A glimpse of life in Haiti is a drastic reality check.

The willingness to reach out to help others may be one of the lessons a mission trip teaches. A second lesson is to appreciate what we do have, not focusing on what we don’t.

So often helping others reminds us of what we take for granted. We thank the adults who accompanied our teens and thank the teens for stepping out of their comfort zones to broaden their view of the bigger world we live in.


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