Last day for school supply drop off at HPD is NEXT Saturday; 8/24
^ Effective August 1st - No grilling or fires at Stoddard Park ^
Kayak / canoe rentals at Stoddard Park ALL Summer!

Summer at the Lake

by Bill Tobin
June 21, 2012

Summer is here.  The solstice has arrived, and school is out...

Our own beautful lake is ready to welcome swimmers, boaters, sun bathers and picnickers.  The season is short.  Enjoy it all.

Summer is here at last, and it will be fleeting by, so enjoy it now. We are fortunate to have beautiful Lake Winthrop at our beck and call, right here in Holliston.

Swimming is available at both Stoddard Park and Pleasure Point, with lifeguards on duty at Stoddard Monday thru  Friday from 9:00AM 'til 5:00  PM. There are no lifeguards at Pleasure Point due to budget constraints.

Dad can light up the charcoal  grill and barbeque a great dinner while the family swims or plays volley ball, or...

...the kids can enjoy the swings, slides and jungle gym at Stoddard.

All this is available to Holliston residents after they purchase a beach sticker. The fee for residents is $50 for the first car, and $15 for the second car. A senior citizen can purchase a parking pass for $10. A day pass is $10 for residents.

A non-resident may buy a pass for $100, or a day pass for $20.  A non-resident can not enter the park on July 4th. A vehicle with nine or more passengers can enter the park for $2 a person. These passes may be purchased at the Recreation Department on Linden Street, or at Town Hall Treasurer's office. Go to the town website for other payment options.


Swimming is great at Pleasure Point, and there is a well-equipped playground too.

Picnic tables and grills are also available at Pleasure Point on Arch Street.

Kayaking, canoeing and row boating are great past times on the lake,  but no gas-fired engines are allowed.

Of course there are a few no-noes too (see above).

The lake is beautiful and fun.  Enjoy and be assured it is safe as it is frequently and routinely tested by the Board of Health.

The Fourth of July is just around the corner.  Watch for announcements of special activities to celebrate the Fourth at the Lake for Holliston residents.

Summer is now.  Get out and enjoy our own Lake Winthrop.


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Comments (3)

Love to use this lake but the weeds are ridicules and consume the swimming area not making it pleasurable or cleanly place to swim. Bummer......

- t.d | 6/27/12 8:36 PM

Pictures and article are great...what a great resource for the town. Unfortunately the weeds and algae are worse than ever and even encroaching on the swimming areas. Please no more studies -we need to act soon or we will lose the resource.

- Shaw | 6/22/12 9:16 PM

Looks beautiful until a few days of rain when everyone dumps raw untreated waste into the lake. How did that sewer study work out for you?

- fmmresident | 6/22/12 5:29 PM



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