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Best of Show Goes to Ahronian

by Bill Tobin
March 14, 2012

The Holliston Man of the Year in 2010 is now the Flower Show Man of the Year...

The Ahronian Landscaping & Design and the Medway Gardens created the exhibit that was awarded the Best of Show at the Boston Flower & Garden Show.

Yesterday's judging at the Boston Flower & Garden Show was quite fruitful for two local companies that combined efforts to create an exhibit keeping the show theme of creating a Wow Factor in mind.

Ahronian Landscaping & Design of Holliston and Medway Gardens in Medway were awarded several distinctions, one being named Best of Show, which is a great honor seeing as neither company had ever displayed at the Boston show before. 

Other awards include one from the Horticultural Club of Boston for horticultual
perfection, a Cary Award Certificate for effective use of Cary Award plants in their display, another from the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources, the Federated Garden Clubs of Massachusetts award and another from the Boston Flower & Garden Show for outstanding forcing of hardy plant materials.  Another award was given to the companies from the Landscape Design Council, under the auspices of National Garden Clubs.


The display itself is centered around a stone structure containing a waterfall into a koi pond with "floating" steps that ascend to a raised patio topped off with a pergola. Wisteria vines climb up the sides of the pergola which was built by Egerhei Construction.

The time represented in the display is the summer solstice and it includes blueberry bushes, espaliar apple trees, hydrangeas, and other flowering trees and shrubs native to New England.

The three Ahronian Landscaping designers,l-r David Ahronian, Mark Ahronian and James Stucchi, created the design together. Medway Gardens provided several plants along with the greenhouse atmosphere required for forcing plants. Both companies worked at building the award winning exhibit. The Boston Flower & Garden Show at the Seaport World Trade Center runs Wednesday, March 14th through the 18th. More information can be found www.thebostonflowershow.com. Visit Ahronian Landscaping & Design at www.ahronian.com Medway Gardens at www.medwaygardens.com.



New England Designers Earn Landscape Design Council Awards at Boston Flower &
Garden Show

BOSTON, MA--March 13, 2012--The Landscape Design Council (LDC) of Massachusetts
today presented three awards at the 2012 Boston Flower & Garden Show, which 
officially opens tomorrow. Winners of the awards are Ahronian Landscape & Design
and Medway Garden Center, which entered a joint exhibit, and Garden Design School
USA, which won two LDC awards.

The LDC panel of judges was made up of LDC board members Mary Bowen Nokes of
Lexington MA, and Joyce Bakshi and Frances Y J Wheeler, both of Andover MA. Tinka
Zeitvogel of Weston MA served as clerk.
A Woodland Retreat Up on the RoofThe LDC's Emily Seaber Parcher Award is given for excellence in landscape design
of a naturalistic garden of less than 1,000 square feet. "Up on the Roof," the
winning exhibit by Garden Design School USA, evoked a woodland feel on an urban 

The exhibit also won Landscape Design Award I, which is bestowed by the LDC for
excellence in landscape design of a professional garden exhibit. The judging panel commented on the well-balanced design that incorporates the River Street Metal Finishing building façade into the garden and the way the scene is enhanced with suitable outdoor furniture and small water gardens in containers, from which spring metal sculptures that resemble silvery Cyperus plants.

A Choice Spot to Spend the Summer Solstice

Landscape Design Award II is given to an Boston Flower & Garden Show exhibitor
for the effective use of garden ornaments, water features, specimen trees, or
topiary in creating good design.

The centerpiece of "Summer Solstice in the Promontory," the winning exhibit 
created by the team of Ahronian Landscape & Design and Medway Garden Center, 
is a rectangular stone wall from whose center flows a sheet of water and from 
either side of which juts stone beams that serve as steps to the inviting seating
area above, which offers the calm feel of a retreat.

See the Award-Winning Exhibits Along with Other Lovely Landscapes
Flower-show attendees may view the award-winning exhibits, as well as the many 
other landscapes exhibits admired by the LDC judges, from March 14 to 18 at the
Seaport World Trade Center in Boston. Show hours, ticket information, and
directions are available at www.thebostonflowershow.com.

About the Winners
Garden Design School USA (www.gardendesignschool.com), based in Wellesley, 
Massachusetts, and at Tower Hill in Boylston, Massachusetts, teaches creative
design skills and essential, practical knowledge. Students have access to the
very latest thinking, trends, techniques, and best practices in garden and 
landscape design.

Ahronian Landscaping & Design, Inc., Holliston, Massachusetts, is a custom 
landscape design-build firm comprised of artisans dedicated to providing
customers with lifelong personalized experiences and exceptional craftsmanship.
For more information, visit www.ahronian.com.

Medway Garden Center (www.medwaygardens.com) is a full-service nursery, florist 
and garden center located in Medway, Massachusetts. Independently owned and
operated, the company has been in operation for more than 50 years.

The Landscape Design Council of Massachusetts Organized in 1963, the Landscape
Design Council (LDC) of Massachusetts operates under the auspices of National
Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC) and is a special-subjects group of the Garden Club
Federation of Massachusetts, Inc. The purpose of LDC is to provide ongoing 
landscape-design education through speakers, workshops, and tours of outstanding
public and private areas. The Massachusetts chapter is the largest Council in the
US. It provides judges for the Boston Flower & Garden Show and presents three 
landscape-design awards of its own.

The Membership 
LDC members have completed the Landscape Design Study Program, a series of four 
10-hour courses, and passed the required examinations, entitling them to become 
NGC-accredited Landscape Design Consultants. Members act in an advisory capacity
to encourage awareness of the need for good landscape architectural practice, 
serving as guardians of environmental beauty by applying what they have learned 
to individual and community projects. LDC members promote environmental interests
through work on town committees and boards. Members have been responsible for many landscaping projects at municipal buildings and other public areas in their cities and towns. A number have gone on to earn certificates in landscape design, or Master's degrees in landscape architecture, and to establish their own businesses.

For more information about the Landscape Design Study Program, contact program
chairman Jane O'Sullivan at 781-659-4423 or jeosullivan@comcast.net. 
For more information about LDC, contact chairman Joan Butler at 508-429-2739 
or joan@bjbsoftware.com.

Editorial Contact:
Frances Wheeler for the Landscape Design Council of Massachusetts
978-475-7970, fwheeler@wheelerprandmarketing.com





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Comments (7)

How awesome that such creative minds can render such a gorgeous display of talent! You guys are the best and I love your work! So does my neighbors! Congratulations to all of you!


The Brownie Lady

- Denise M. | 3/22/12 1:25 PM

Looks even better in person!! Great job!! Congrats!!!!

- Mary | 3/17/12 7:26 PM

Awsome job guys, congrats.

- Jeff Bison | 3/16/12 10:30 PM

Being the crowded central display at the Mass Hort event of the year is no small feat, congratulations! There were ooo's and ahhh's and all kinds of pics being snapped by the appreciative (and landscape savvy) throngs. How to bring together that design innovation with all the coordination of bloom-time, and then move it with so much stone hardscape to Boston, and then install it: there had to be super-powers at work. What a triumph.

- Susan | 3/15/12 4:33 PM

An outstanding job - the design work is exceptional.

- Robin | 3/15/12 3:37 PM

Big congrats to a much deserving group!

- James Read | 3/15/12 12:16 PM

Can't wait to seethes in person. Congratulations to all!

- Margaret LePage | 3/15/12 9:29 AM



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