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Waushakum Live Steamers Burn a Little Coal

by Paul Saulnier
August 25, 2012

August 25, 2012. This is what it takes to move trains and people at the Waushakum Live Steamers.

This was their big weekend for members, friends and visitors. Three days of burning coal, clearing clunkers, and stopping for water to make steam.

The lines were long around noon on Saturday but no one seemed to mind as they waited under the shade of the tent.

The reward for patience was a seven-minute ride into the woods and back to the start.

The billows of steam and the train whistles added to the ambiance.

Many engines sat quietly on the side lines, available for viewing without fear of burning tiny fingers.

Chris Bourgeois, a member who lives in Clinton, was busy working on his engine, a 3/4" (to the foot) scale model  of a Van Brocklan 480 camel back.

A familiar face around these parts, member Jim O'Brien, above left, keeps the event on schedule.

This propane-power steam generator provided the steam that ran the various engines displayed below.

According to Todd Douglas Cahil, below, owner of Steammachine Sculpture, Modelmaking and Live Steam, who fabricated these little wonders, they are fanciful models of his imagination. Todd is a professional model maker with an impressive resume of models of every imaginable sort.

Todd operates out of an old mill in Waltham and can be reached at 508.839.4413

An event this big with a long narrow entrance requires a large security presence, and member Mark Hirtle's presence at the entrance on Karen Circle fit the bill.


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Comments (2)

This facility is not open to the public - for insurance reasons. On selected days, they do allow guests to visit.

- paul | 8/30/12 8:25 PM

This is a very interesting article. Thank you for sharing it! I took a look around the website and cannot seem to find anything that clearly says if this is open to the public. Is this open to the public and if so when? Many people would be interested in visiting, including myself!

- Angela Bray | 8/29/12 3:33 PM



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