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American Chainsaw Comes to Holliston

by Paul Saulnier
December 6, 2012

National Geographic's new TV show, American Chainsaw, premiered Thursday, November 29th at 10 PM.

Featuring the work of Holliston native, Jesse Green, the first two shows follow Jesse and his team, including his father, Jay, as they created a dragon for a Salem witch store and a huge trophy for a roller-derby league -- from logs.

The series will run every Thursday at 10:00 & 10:30, with two shows each night through December 20, 2012, when Jesse's latest sculpture in Holliston will be aired.

A little background. The hugh maple tree in our yard was dying. It dropped a large branch through the greenhouse last winter and left another large branch ready to fall through the greenhouse. With a storm approaching, Tree Specialists agreed to come over and cut down the tree. But we decided it would be great to get Jesse, who went to school with our kids, to create something. He wanted the dead maple to be cut about nine feet above ground.


Three days after the branch trashed the greenhouse, the tree was history and Jesse put us on his schedule after we decided on a squirrel Nancy named Nutty. Jesse had never carved a squirrel and welcomed the opportunity. The next time we heard from him was when he told us about the show and asked if we wanted our project to be considered. He was submitting about 20 projects to the producers . We ended up as one of the eight episodes.

After signing away all our rights to appear normal, we answered the door this past April and were immediately turned into those squirrel-crazy people on Church Street. It wasn't totally unfounded as we have fed the squirrels in the past, many taking peanuts out of our hands and following us around the yard looking for handouts. 

Our house was redecorated for the show with a squirrel motif, including a stuffed squirrel which they hung on a wall. Very tasteful. For eight days, the crew of 16 took over 29 Church Street while Nancy and I made ourselves scarce. Members of this crew told us that they also worked on Ice Road Truckers, Survivor, and The Apprentice.

Our dining room became American Chainsaw Central from 10 AM to 7 PM every day, while the rest of the crew made lots of noise outside and occasionally disrupted traffic.  A visit from an angry resident and Holliston's Finest might add some excitement to the show if it didn't end up on the cutting room floor.


For the "reveal" we invited friends and neighbors. By the time it was ready, though, many of the kids had to leave for sports events and missed out. But it was fun and the final sculpture included a big surprise which Jesse kept secret from us.  Our sincere thanks to Jesse "The Machine" Green and his team as well as the production crew for a memorable week.

For more information about Jesse "The Machine" Green, check out his web site:

Information about American Chainsaw can be found on National Geographic's web site:

Say "Goodbye", Nutty.


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