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Fire and Some Ice

by Bobby Blair
February 3, 2013

For the second year in a row, local residents were unable to skate at the Annual Fire and Ice event on Sunday ...

Local residents told the HollistonReporter.com that several ice fishermen were on Lake Winthrop when they arrived to prepare for the Annual Fire and Ice event earlier in the day on Sunday. But when this reporter arrived not a person could be found upon the iffy ice at the lake.

This sign above seemed unseasonally out of place but with the southwestern half of the lake a diiferent hue (can be seen in photo in right corner near tree line) of color, the overnight snow had melted making this portion of the lake reasonably unsafe.

Dogs were the mainstay of the day, Fenway as well as the four-legged variety. There were also meatballs and a plethora of homemade soups. The annual event, which now recorded its second year in a row with unsafe ice. is sponsored by the Lake Winthrop Watershed Association.

While residents were unable to lace up the skates or pull up a 20" pickerel, there was time for winter housebound residents to catch up on each others lives.

Rep. Carolyn Dykema stopped by to talk about the environment and local rail trail while this reporter looked for heat on an ear tingling afternoon.

While several pit fires did give offf warmth, the smoke soon had me tearing up. If there was any inconvenient truth on this third day of February, it was a knowledge that the game would be on in several hours in a house heated by two woodstoves.


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Comments (3)

Just stating the facts Al ___________? - Brett MORRISON

- Brett Morrison | 2/5/13 7:25 PM

Geez golly - thanks Brett. We're you going to enforce the regulations on me now?

- Al | 2/4/13 8:03 PM

Just a reminder !! -Dogs are not allowed at Lake Winthrop !!! Or at any of the fields and Goodwill Park !!!! Thank you. ---- Brett Morrison

- Brett Morrison | 2/4/13 1:04 PM



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