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Former Holliston Man Killed in Ashland Friday Morning

by Bobby Blair
February 9, 2013

A former Holliston resident, Joseph "Squeeky" Milan, was killed in a two vehicle accident.


A former Holliston resident Joseph "Squeeky" Milan 56, was killed in a two vehicle accident on Friday morning just over the Holliston town line in Ashland. http://www.metrowestdailynews.com/news/police_and_fire/x1522319002/Two-car-crash-in-Ashland-Friday-morning - as reported in the Metrowest Daily News.


While details of the accident at this time are sketchy, several facebook pages already contain a makeshift eugology of sorts of Squeek's life with rememberances. While Squeeky hadn't lived in Holliston for a number of years he still maintained contact with many in town and could often be seen driving his motor cycle through town. A former resident of Mechanic Street, Milan would often remind this writer that he was the first and the original Mayor of Mudville.

Some six months ago Milan called me to ask if I had a Goodwill Shoe knife. He told me that he wanted one to place in his casket. Are you going somewhere I asked Squeek. Just getting ready he told me, you never know. Milan had several medical conditions. A Goodwill Shoe knife has been located as of this writing.

Squeeky is survived by his wife Debbie, a son Joey, and a brother William "Buzzy" Milan. A full obituary will be carried by the HollistonReporter.com once it is available.


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Comments (6)

so very shocked and saddened by his death. the family was a holliston staple back in the day....and i came to know his mom via my days at pot beli deli, when she was at that yummy bakery. (her sons would get free baked goods.....) a very funny fellow the times spent at the vfw with some vets. God's peace and comfort as only He can give, for his family and all who knew him.

- tara | 2/10/13 5:28 PM

I did not know Squeek well in my four years I lived in Holliston, but he was ever present in town and alot of people knew of him. He'll be missed by his constituent. "The mayor of Mudville" That's rich!

- Jim Gerber | 2/10/13 6:27 AM

Nice article! He was a great person and is going to be missed by many! My prayers to His Family and Friends.

- Mary Flansburg | 2/9/13 11:27 AM

Heard the sad news yesterday; we grew up with Squeeky and he always had a smile on his face. My prayers are with his family at this sad time. He will be missed my many!

- Terry Maguire Klausmeier | 2/9/13 10:38 AM

Ohmygoodness, so sorry to hear that. Tragic. I drove by there at the time and was re-routed through the Shaw's plaza. Two cars looked like head-on. So sad..

- Jean | 2/9/13 9:56 AM

My deepest condolences to his family from ours. Sending you lots and lots of love! Seems like Squeeky was someone who savored life! Mariaaaaaaaaaaaaa :) Founder of... BRICK HOUSE REALTY GREEN CLEANERS (Co-founder) I'M HOLLISTON HAPPY HOLLISTON TRADING POST BUTTERFLYMOMS

- Maria Salomao-Schmidt | 2/9/13 9:48 AM



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