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Going for Gold Again at Flower Show

by Bobby Blair 3/4/13

Medway Garden Center and Ahronian Landscape are going for gold again ...

You'd have to call them gluttons for punishment. Last year Ahronian Landscape and Design along with Medway Garden Center teamed up to win the "Best of Show" award along with Mass. Department of Agricultural Commercial Growers Award, Horticultural Club of Boston Award, Landscape Design Council Award, Carey Award for Distinguished Plants, and a Plant Forcing Award at the Boston Flower and Garden Show.

So where do you go from here I asked Ahronian Landscape owner Mark Ahronian. According to Carolyn Weston, Director of the Garden Show who spoke to the HollistonReporter.com Ahronian Landscape & Medway Garden Center will have the distinct priviledge this year of being the "Entrance Exhibit" to the show. Weston said of the duo's efforts "it's going to be an extraordinary beautiful and complex display.

Building of the exhibit, which Mark Ahronian said, will double this year to 1,200 square feet is taking place on Concord Street at Ahronian Lasndscape & Design Headquarters. Above left, David Ahronian, Mark Ahronian and Tom Goulding stand next to what will be an outdoor kitchen at the show. Ahronian credits Jim Stucchi and son David for the design work.

Meanwhile over at Medway Garden Center at the corner of Rt. 126 & 109 John Allverino and Ahronian show off trees already in bloom. Allverino said the greenhouses are split up into three zones each with a unique temperature.

For those with a touch of cabin fever flowering apple trees with a fragrance all their own is just enough to make you forget the snow outside.

With hundreds of plants for John Allverino and brother Joe to look after since the beginning of December, their Garden Center will practially seem empty in two weeks time when all the greenery heads down the Mass Pike to Boston. Above, Ahronian motions upwards to the bearded irishes being forced with warm heat at the top of the greenhouse.

If all goes correctly blueberries and raspberries will flourish on the vines and bushes when the Flower and Garden Show opens on Wednesday March 13th running through till Sunday the 17th (St. Patrick's Day). For more information about the Flower Show here's their link to the show.  http://www.bostonflowershow.com/


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