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Cash Mob Begins March 30th

by Bobby Blair 3/21/13

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Cash Mobs have been around since mid 2011 and only recently have they caught on in the Boston area.

Local Fairview Street resident Margaret Bishop who hails from Liverpool, England, by way of Canada saw a Channel 5 UTube segment on Cash Mobs and decided to institute a Mob for Holliston. Bishop's Mob will be slightly different from previously tried Mobs in that the shop being visited will not be announced before hand.

The idea of a Cash Mob is to gather shoppers at a predetermined location and visit a local business. Shoppers are asked to spend at least $10-20 at the shop, thereby shopping locally and keeping money locally. Holliston's first Cash Mob will be a week late for the National Cash Mob Day the week prior, but Bishop is hopeful that with 69 likes on her Cash Mob Facebook, enough shoppers will turn out to make a difference in the yet-to-be- announced local shop.

Shoppers are invited to gather at Coffee Haven prior to 10 a.m. on Saturday March 30th prior to the Mob heading to its shopping spree. The gathering will also benefit Coffee Haven and in subsequent gatherings a new eatry will be chosen for the Mob to meet. 


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