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Garden at the Dam on Linden Pond

by Bobby Blair 3/28/13

Holliston in Bloom (HIB) committee members have set their sights on the newly cleared Linden Street Dam as one of their major projects this year for the town's entry into its Second Annual America in Bloom Contest this Summer. The Linden Street Dam along with several other dams in town were recently cleared of trees whose root systems undermine the strength of the dams. The area around the dam on Linden Street is town owned.

This year's contest by America in Bloom will be judged by giving the town a Bloom Rating of 1-4; last year the town received a 3. In addition the town is judged in six different criteria awards including floral displays, landscaped areas, urban forestry, community involvement, enviromental efforts and heritage preservation.

The Linden Street Mill in Holliston . It was known as The Payson & Cutler Mill.

The Payson and Cutler lumber mill on Linden Street had its hayday in the 1870's but burned in a fire in 1882. The photo above is from the west end of the pond looking towards Linden Street. Water flowing into Linden Pond is derived from Lake Winthrop and several brooks which run into the canal. Ernie Nichols of Avon Street told the HollistonReporter.com that he recalls sometime during the 1940's when a backhoe was floated in the pond to dredge mud which had accumulated.

The Holliston in Bloom Steering Committee above met Monday night March 24th to discuss this year's upcoming America in Bloom contest. Judges will be arriving July 22nd for a two-day visit.

While Babylon may have been one of the legendary wonders of the ancient world, Hollistonians can look forward to the dam on Linden Street becoming one of Holliston's seven wonders.


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May I suggest planting vegetables, say squash, sunflowers, beans, maybe corn in the garden? some local fruits to sell somewhere downtown?
- Andrew Mades | 4/2/13 3:21 PM
Steve Napolitano
Downtown Marigold Project