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Mid-Morning Crash With Injuries

by Bobby Blair
April 18, 2013

For the second time in as many days, the intersection of Elm Street and Grove Streets was the scene of two cars colliding ...

The 10:30 a.m. Thursday morning crash left two vehicles on the lawn at 71 Elm Street.

Due to the number of injuries two ambulances were dispatched to the scene.

Two patients were taken to Milford Regional Hospital with an unknown number of patients taken to Metrowest Framingham.

Sgt. Craig Denman and Officer Scott Downey investigated. Nick's Central Garage towed the vehicles.


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Comments (6)

The only problem with adding more streetlights is that half of the ones we have now don't work. They have a mind of their own...on for a while, off for a while....on for a while, off for a while. Also, the pedestrian crossing lights at the intersection of Washington and Concord street have not been working for some time.

- Pete Vernon | 4/21/13 10:53 AM

I do hope that every one hurt will be OK. If we put lights at every place accidents happen, we would have a town of toooo many lights. We should put up the money for more police to curb the speeding in every neighbor hood. Travis Rd, Westfeild Dr, washington Street are not roads. They are race ways. Police can not be eveywhere. It is up to drivers to respect others on the road. What a joke that is. Warren

- Warren Legee | 4/20/13 5:19 AM

Too many people speed down Elm and Grove Street, especially during little league season when parents are rushing to the field at the end of Grove St. People need to slow down, period.

- Brian Green | 4/19/13 6:17 AM

I am sorry, I forgot to include that I hope everyone is ok.

- donna | 4/18/13 9:43 AM

Not street lights, but maybe something that will alert drivers to be more cautious. How about a 4-way stop? This is the 2nd accident there this week. Too many drivers speed down Elm Street (including school buses).

- donna | 4/18/13 9:41 AM

There should be street lights at that intersection

- betty | 4/18/13 8:39 AM



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