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Asian Longhorned Beetles

by Bill Tobin
April 27, 2013


Be on the alert for the destructive Asian Longhorned Beetles.

The Holliston Conservation Associates sponsored an instructional program on the invasive and destructive Asian Longhorned Beetle.

Jennifer Forman Orth representing the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources presented an educational lecture on how to identify and protect our neighborhoods from this invasive and destructive beetle.

The Asian longhorned beetle (Anopophora glabripennis) is about 3/4 to 1-1/2 inches long with shiny black color, bright white spots and long antennae. These are not flying beetles and get around with the movement of wood, which is how they came to the states from China. The lesson learned from this is "Don't move Firewood". Leave firewood at home, do not bring it to parks or campgrounds. Use firewood from local sources and burn it all and do not bring any wood home.


Look for perfectly round exit holes in you trees,

The exit hole looks like it was drilled, and will accomodate a  pencil.

The most popular tree to host the beetle is maple -- all kind of maples, sugar, silver, red, norway, box elder, and sycamore maple.  Other trees subject to them are the gray birch, weeping willow, black willow, horse chestnut, American elm, paper birch, American sycamore and London plane tree. Be on the lookout,

Worcester was infested in 2008 with this beetle and since then, 32,000 trees have been cut and burned to help control the invasion. Once treed neighborhoods are now shadeless, without noise barriers and serious wild life affect.

Protect Holliston and surrounding communities. If your see an Asian longhorn, or think you do, take pictures and call MDAR at 1-866-702-9938.  For more information, visit



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