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Water Bills are Coming

by The Water Department
July 8, 2013

The quarterly water bills will be mailed out July 15, 2013.   This bill reflects water usage for the period April - June 2013 and any arrears.

The quarterly water bills will be mailed out July 15, 2013.  This bill reflects water usage for the period April - June 2013 and any arrears.  Bills are due in the Water Department office by Thursday, August 15, 2013 at 4:30p.m.  Bills paid after that date will receive a late charge of $10.00. 

Anyone who has not received a water bill should contact the Water Department Office at 429-0603.
Payment can be made at the Water Department office located at Town Hall, mailed to Holliston Water Department, 703 Washington Street, left in the lock box located near the side door of Town Hall or pay online at www.townofholliston.us  . 


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Comments (5)

I miss Joe Finn, when he was running the water Dept., we never had bans or problems. Now we have a treatment plant that cost ?? and it doesn't work. Electrical problems, taking down building without the proper permits. Let's get "Cantankerous Joe" back.

- Scott | 7/13/13 2:13 PM

When it rains, put out barrels to catch the water for later use. Also, put pots, etc., under the air conditioners(if you have them) to catch the water running out of them.

- me | 7/12/13 1:07 PM

The normal water ban starting in May is DEP mandated. Not sure why the tanks are low other than people may be watering in spite of the ban. HR will post a water ban reminder tomorrow

- paul | 7/10/13 11:36 AM

I just got this e-mail from the town: "Due to an electrical issue, WATER TANK LEVELS ARE EXTREMELY LOW. Therefore, until further notice, the public is asked...to abide by NO OUTSIDE WATER USE." So can I ask a question? What are the issues that the water department is struggling with, that end up resulting in a water ban? Apparently it's not a supply problem in this case, but an electrical problem. Can we get an explanation?

- David Bastille | 7/10/13 10:22 AM

Why is this news? Not sure I've seen any other department or company issue a press release prior to sending their bills.

- Mark | 7/10/13 10:14 AM



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