Too Hot, Too Long

by Ann Talbot
July 20, 2013

 Too Hot, Too Long


I am a winter person.

My birthday is in February.

I would rather be cold than hot.

My colors are black, white and silver

Rather than beige, coral and gold.

I would rather watch the Bruins

Than the Red Sox.

My store of choice is L L Bean

Not the Banana Republic.

I drink gingerale instead of coffee

Prefer roasted vegetables to tossed salad.

I choose Alaska over the Caribbean

For my favorite vacation.

Curled up in an afghan with a book

Beats reading on the beach hands down.

Would rather survive a blizzard

Than the tail end of a hurricane.

So how am I feeling in July 2013?

Cranky, out of sorts, dissatisfied

Just plain too hot for too long ...


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Comments (4)

I'm with you, Ann! I can't wait for that cold, dark winter.

- Denise | 7/26/13 12:06 PM

Love the post!

- Lin | 7/22/13 4:20 PM

Loved reading this, Ann!

- Susan | 7/22/13 6:31 AM

Well, you live in the right area. It's warm here 2 weeks out of the year. Not to worry, your cold dark winter is right around the corner.

- Rob | 7/21/13 10:01 AM



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