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Town Hall Like You've Never Seen It

by Bobby Blair
July 27, 2013

If you drive by town hall Saturday night you'll catch a glimpse of a sight to behold.

Like something straight from Disney World, the front of town hall has become a theme park.

And you'll never guess the occasion. A birthday party for a one year old. About 200 of his closest friends were invited.

Outside town hall and the stairway gave a hint to the actual upstairs hall

Just unbelievable!

You actually wouldn't know you were in town hall. The father of the one year old was helping decorate, but due to a language barrier our information about the event was minimal.

Each table was colored differently and the chairs had a glass effect.

The birthday boy is Karlos Emannuel Jr. The family is from Brazil and lives in Framingham. I asked an interpreter to ask the father of the birthday boy if he would adopt a 63-year-old and received a smile.

The candy buffet was enough to put anyone in a diabetic coma.

A real live clown to entertain the guests.

Karlos is on wide screen TV in all four corners of the auditorium,...

and bigger than life on the stage.

And I thought I had seen it all.  Apparently not.

Maybe if the Selectmen held their meetings in surroundings like this, more residents would attend. The red noses would be a help too.


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Comments (46)

Amen to Lynn Batten's comment! I love the way the Brazilians celebrate life and particularly family. This attitude is in very short supply in America now and we are the worse for it. We are not Brazilian but were fortunate enough to be able to send our son to spend this summer with a warm and loving extended Brazilian family in Sao Paulo because I want him to experience that culture and the premium put on family and joyful times rather than the false pleasure of "things" that so many Americans advocate . The Brazilians I know work extremely hard for their money and I am sure this family is no different. I love that they chose to spend it on a party for their baby son. And seeing those balloons in front of Town Hall put a huge smile on my face (although I, too, thought it must be for a wedding). Muita Obrigada for that surprise moment of joy! Happy Birthday, Karlos Emmanuel.

- Alycia Goody | 8/7/13 2:52 PM

I had the privilege to be one of guess this wonderful party. I am so surprised that there are so many negative posts to this happy display. This is Brazilian tradition and even so I am Brazilian also, I never participated to a wonderful and beautiful party like that one. The decorations were from Ebenezer Decoration who owner is the father of the 1 year old boy. Everything was perfect like fairytale, It was me and my 6 years old daughter and I do not know who likes more, if was me or her. For those who have criticism or unwelcoming comments - grow up and mind your own business, Feel good for someone else for once, if you do not have any positive word to say, be quiet, let parents and everyone who enjoy the party said something. My wish for the parents is God bless you all, the party was wonderful and I hope you guys always afford party like that and don't forget to invited me ;-) I am very proud of you!

- Roberta | 8/2/13 2:29 PM

Karlos and Cousin,

HR`s coverage of the party was upbeat and positive. All 3 of us visited the hall before the guest of honor arrived and were given complete access to the area. The staff was very nice and answered our questions. We wanted to interview Karlos Sr to give his business some free advertising. I'm sorry that Cousin feels HR`s story was in any way negative. that certainly was not our intent. And from those who commented, you can see that most people agree it was a fabulous event. Happy Birthday Karlos Jr.

- Paul | 8/1/13 8:15 PM

I agree cousin. Trust was broken with reporter. Uncalled for Mr. Blair!

- Pam Zicko | 8/1/13 5:35 PM

I only have one thing to say: wonderful!!!!!!! congrats prince karlos emanuel antie barbara love u so much

- barbara | 8/1/13 6:51 AM

those who do not agree

I do not care what you guys pensao

get this party has always been a dream!

and not just a way to spend my money!!

- karlos de paula | 7/31/13 11:33 PM


- Cousin | 7/31/13 10:16 PM

Lovely party,beautiful decor...Everything perfect...None of it makes any harm....Evil and wickedness of people,wanting to spoil a moment so beautiful a family....God bless this beautiful family...Congratulations on the beautiful work.....

- FERNANDA ALVES | 7/31/13 10:00 PM

Why not spand money in a first birthday party for a part of u ? Some people do huge weddings and get divorced right after! For brazillian people this are just something that we celebrate one time and big.Job well done .Lindíssimo parabéns a Ebenezer decoration!

- Roberta | 7/31/13 7:54 PM

Every child is a miracle, in a world where you read on the news all the time that parents are abusing and sometimes even killing their little children for no reason, it's wonderful to see such caring parents. If that's the way parents wants to spend their money go for it and by the way the father owns the party decoration business. Way to go Ebenezer decorations, they have worked for me for 3 years decorating my children birthday party and no one around can decorate and plan parties like they do. Not just kids party but weddings, sweet fifteen and any other party. Also if people only know the life story of the owner it's amazing he was born with this gift, he should explore it more and more.

- Francys D | 7/31/13 4:48 PM

my name is Karlos I'm the Dad of the boy of the birthday party!

I'm the owner of Ebenezer Decorations !

we did everything that for my soon's fist birthday

if you need the contact

my phone number is 508 816 8947

we have a Facebook page

if you need some decorations like that please contact to us!

weddings, sweet sixteens, kids birthday...

thank you

- Karlos de Paula | 7/31/13 4:20 PM

Whoa - this was quite the display. While it may have been considered over the top by so many - I would venture to say that most people who drove by either stopped to look, got out to take pictures or at least had some comment about how amazing it looked. I certainly did.

For those who have criticism or unwelcoming comments - grow up and mind your own business. Keep your self involved - woe is me bologna - crap to yourself. Envy is a real shallow way to live your life.

- Tom Dumas | 7/30/13 12:03 AM

I wish I had seen it. The pictures look amazing. Over the top? Probably. The child probably won't remember it, but if that is how the family wants to spend their money, it is their choice. Thanks HR for getting in to take pictures - and I agree, it's too bad the AIB judges weren't around to see it.

- DLA | 7/29/13 10:00 AM

To Tired of NOT FAIR generation:

You Rock! Live and let live.

Pat Duffey

- Pat Duffey | 7/29/13 9:31 AM

I think that this is an appropriate time to suggest that the Holliston Reporter require that all commenters be registered such that their real name, and not a pseudonym, is used as the byline on their comment. This is becoming much more prevalent in online newspapers.

- Pete Vernon | 7/29/13 9:13 AM

To completely out of control, WayOverdone and anyone else with the negative comments: MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! Are these people hurting you or yours??? Have they put you out of business?? Have they damaged anything?? Honestly people... what have we become when we see something like this and we immediately think negative? Have we all become so self-centered that when we see something like this we "throw ourselves on the floor and start screaming not fair, not fair"?!!? So what if they can afford it? So what if this is the way they choose to spend their own hard earned money? Grow up please! Feel good for someone else for once!! Feel proud that some family loved the way Holliston looks and wanted to hold their party here! Feel happy that Holliston town hall received some money for renting the hall. Which, by the way, is what its there for!! I'm sorry that you don't like it... but I'm not sorry if it offended you!!

~Tired of the "NOT FAIR" generation!

- ~Tired of the "NOT FAIR" generation! | 7/29/13 7:45 AM

Love it! It's beautiful to see a child celebrated in such a joyous way!

- Ginny | 7/28/13 6:05 PM

I'm so surprised that there are so many negative posts to this happy display! It's adorable, it's fun, glad they chose Holliston to celebrate their son's birthday! And to bring joy and beauty to downtown....Lighten up people!

- Kathleen | 7/28/13 3:45 PM

A babies first birthday party is a very big celebration for Brazilians. That is what I've experienced in my family. Just let people be who they are.

- Kathleen | 7/28/13 3:36 PM

Incredible how many whiners there are. It is no ones business where people spend their money. And how they spend it. I''m sure there are families in Africa who would be disgusted with you throwing away 1/3 of your sheet cake after a birthday party. Why not protest every Mercedes, BMW, etc that drives by the town hall. Those people are obviously self indulging. Shame on them. And they bought them in Natick? Shame on them.

You may want to consider moving to Venezuela. Everyone is able to live an identical lifestyle there.

- Sasha | 7/28/13 1:07 PM

I am saddened by so many of these comments. In a time where all we hear on the news is crime, drugs, illness etc, etc. here we have a family celebrating a young boys life. It is none of our business why they chose to celebrate or what there means are. The fact that so many people are struggling doesn't mean that those who are doing okay should not enjoy what they have. Maybe this family is very generous to those in need. Weather or not they spent their money in Holliston really in the big picture doesn't matter. Point is they are spending! If everyone who has money stops spending many many more people will be out of jobs! Everything is relative. No one should be judging this family. They have done no wrong. I'm happy they chose to hold such a celebration in our town hall. I was thrilled when I drove by and saw it. A smile was put on many faces!

- Cathy Georgallas | 7/28/13 12:29 PM

In a world where some children go uncared for, it makes me happy that this family knows how lucky they are and celebrates that.

- MarySharon | 7/28/13 12:05 PM

Hey 'Not Happy' sorry if they did not spend their money in town. It is a global economy after all. I do agree this may be a bit much for the outside of town hall. I don't agree that this is a slap in the face to anyone though. I wonder how much of YOUR money is spent outside the town? I try to spend money in town but often find it very difficult as other than a few stores there really is not much here.

- Mike | 7/28/13 11:19 AM

FYI--hundreds if not a thousand LATEX balloons increase the risk of LATEX ALLERGIES... please be cautious...if any employee suddenly exhibits, facial, eyelid, lip, tongue swelling or sudden respiratory distress over the next few days, DIAL 911!

- Claire RN | 7/28/13 10:52 AM

Self indulgence is right!! What happened to the "home" birthday parties, the ones where relatives gathered round a cake and oohed and ahhed at the baby,not a party where the parents were the center.. this world is a me me world where look at me I can do it the best, I can do it better than you and I can spend spend spend more than you. . this money would have been better spent on a college fund for the future of this child. . so be it if they have the $$ to put on this kind of party . do it somewhere else... there are adequate function halls for this type of thing. I suspect the cheap price of town hall got their attention . shame on town hall for allowing this

- Boooo | 7/28/13 10:43 AM

As far as bringing in money for the economy.. did they buy the balloons from Fiskes. . did they have it catered by Superette or any other food establisment.. did they buy the candy from a store in town ,,did they buy the decorations etc from a local store. probably not.. so all we got was the money for the town hall rental.. hmmm I think this was a bad idea and I totally agree "we are all in this together" there are way too many people struggling with their own issues.. this belonged in another place, possibly a hotel... not at OUR town hall. . boy I bet the comments fly now!

- not happy :( | 7/28/13 10:35 AM

what a lucky little baby to be loved and appreciated so much! looks BEAUTIFUL and it must have taken alot of hard work to put together. it is so nice to see the building transformed into such a colorful place! i hope the family and guests had a BLAST!

- kathy | 7/28/13 10:16 AM

How people spend their money is indeed their own business, but to put on such a public display of self indulgence at the town hall is a slap in the face to Holliston neighbors who are just getting by. Tsk. Tsk.

- We're all in this together | 7/28/13 10:02 AM

Wonder why they did not do this at the Framingham Town Hall? For some reason I don't think they would allow it. Love the celebration, just think it is a little much for a government building that represents the town of Holliston.

- Ryan | 7/28/13 9:43 AM

The young father owns a decorating company and so obviously has the ability and equipment to pull this off. There were DOZENS of family and friends helping to pull this together - everyone was laughing and joyful. I love the spirit! Upper Town Hall has never been such a fun place since the days when the Jaycees held elaborate Haunted Houses up there!

- Mary Greendale | 7/28/13 8:52 AM

Wow I wish I could have seen this. This looks like a great deal of fun. It is nice to see familes come together. If this is a birthday party for a one year old I wonder what the wedding will be like!

And for the comment from "Out of control" you should learn about economics. If people spend money the economy will get better. If the Gvt keeps handing things out.. the economy will get worse.

I for one am glad to see the town hall dressed up. I wish we could celebrate more as a town and bring back cheer.

- Mike | 7/28/13 7:37 AM

Interesting thread of comments, particularly the ones that raise the question as to whether the child was a "miracle" or recovering from illness. As if a lavish celebration requires tragic justification to be legitimate. I find it fascinating that these comment sections have become the soapboxes of our times. The comments from the sourpuss don't warrant response. Happy birthday little guy! It's delightful to see you're cherished.

- Medway Musings | 7/28/13 6:43 AM

I think the simple question for "out of control" is what business is it of yours on how people spend their money? You may be out of a job or loosing your home, so the rest of the stop and languish with you?

It is certainly absurd for a 1yo but hey just because it's not my thing doesn't mean if shouldn't be someone else's.

- Sasha | 7/27/13 11:28 PM

I wish I had been invited! Looks like a lot of FUN!

- linda scruton | 7/27/13 10:35 PM

This looked Amazing!!! Totally over the top but kudos to all of them. So fun to see the Town Hall all dressed up like this. What an amazing space!

- Cathy | 7/27/13 10:24 PM

Wow! Someone on FB thought it was a wedding! I guess not....Happy Birthday!!!!

- Mary | 7/27/13 9:26 PM

I think it is amazing to see the way Brazilians celebrate EVERYTHING. I work at a Brazilian radio station and have found their joy , positive energy, laughter and love for life and everyone aroynd them not only heartwarming and inspiring, but infectious as well. I have become more prone to taking time out to be grateful for and celebrate so much in my own life. Love it!!!!

- Lynn Batten | 7/27/13 9:13 PM

I am sorry but who ever made that first comment should be ashamed of themsleves, you have no idea of the circumstances surrounding the party what if this child is ill or has been or if the did not think they were able to have him you just don't know. Even if you think it is a waste of money they sure don't. Also you don't know that they have not been scrimping and saving every penny so they could afford it. I did not realize that it was your job to judge everyone so I guess you have taken the wooden plank out of your eye now that you ate judging/ pointing out everyone else's .

I for one am happy t hat they can do this I would not have chosen this type of party but if it is what they want and it seems it is the more power to them !!

- amy mckeown | 7/27/13 9:05 PM

There are lots of people out there with lots of money spending in a way I can't imagine. I do not think we can judge anyone for anything. We never really know the whole story. This might be a one year old miracle baby, one who survived a premature birth perhaps. Let us learn to respect each other and our choices even when they do not mesh with our own. That would make the world a much better place!

- Sandy | 7/27/13 8:52 PM

Are you serious - completely out of control?! Embarrased WE rented Town Hall to them?! Total waste of money? get a grip. How is their celebration of their child's birthday, using their earned money, going to make any difference to those out of work or losing their homes!? It's a personal choice and none of anyone else's business how one chooses to spend! With all the negativity and pathetic news lately, hats off to a loving family who decorated our town hall beautifully and celebrated a great family occasion!

- K rocket | 7/27/13 8:45 PM

That is the most ridiculous thing I have EVER seen!!!!

- WayOverdone | 7/27/13 8:41 PM

And to think they only paid $200 to rent the hall. What a deal.

- Wow | 7/27/13 8:34 PM

I have to respectfully disagree with the "completely out of control comment". If this family is able to afford a lavish party and that is how they choose to celebrate the child's 1st birthday I don't see how we can judge them for doing so. As another person commented on fb perhaps the family never thought they could have a child or were told the child would not make it to the 1st birthday. Or perhaps the family just likes to celebrate in a big way. In terms of the comment about people without jobs, think of how many companies this family is giving business to with this one party! If people with money are afraid to spend it b/c they worry others will think they are being over the top, the economy will never get stronger.

- Melissa | 7/27/13 8:31 PM

Some are born princes, right? It is lavish, over the top and fantastic! It's good to see those that can doing!!!

- Corinne | 7/27/13 8:29 PM

In this time of people with out jobs, people losing their homes, and just generally tight budgets this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. . what a total waste of money and how ostentatious! Iam embarrassed to say we rented the hall to them :(

- completely out of control | 7/27/13 8:11 PM

Great pictures Bobby. Wonder what the AIB judges would have thought?

Pat Duffey

- Pat duffey | 7/27/13 7:49 PM



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