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Selectmen Meet November 20th

by Bobby Blair
November 20, 2013

Selectmen praised colleagues and voters in the Town of Milford for their decision to vote no regarding a proposed casino just over Holliston's border. Selectman Kevin Conley had wished that the governor had included a vote from the people ten miles out from the epicenter of the proposed one billion dollar gambling mecca.

Planning Board members met and voted alongside Selectmen to fill a vacancy  on that board due to the resignation of Jonathan Loya who moved out of town. Rachelle (Rae) Finn center, who grew up in town and has an engineering background was unanimously selected to fill Loya's seat until the spring election.

S. Ibrahim of Hometown Autos appeared before the board requesting a Class II Auto License to sell vehicles at 1670 Washington Street across from the Post Office. Mr. Ibrahim presently sells vehicles from two locations in East Holliston. The business in the Metcalf section of town includes an auto body repair shop. The license was granted. Mr. Ibrahim would eventually like to lease u-hauls and have a tow service.

Selectmen appointed Kevin Conley as their representative to a committee which will transition the Highway Department and Water Department into a Department of Public Works.

Selectmen signed off on the town's first right of refusal on the Kase property located in the Metcalf section of town. The property will shortly house a solar farm which the Planning Board approved earlier this summer.

Michael Ficco above appeared before the board in his quest to run the resturant at Pinecrest Golf Course. Selectmen were slated to interview two parties Wednesday night who had sent RFP (Request for Proposals) to the Golf Course Advisory Committee. Selectmen grilled Ficco about his RFP which they felt lacked information. Ficco who has been in the resturant business most of his life, most recently for a private club in Franklin, promised to return with a business plan at a specially scheduled meeting next week.

The heat in the kitchen rose when it became apparent that the second scheduled meeting with applicant  John McCarthy who owns Casey's Crossing on Railroad Street would not take place as McCarthy had withdrew his RFP. McCarthy apparently had caught wind of a remark made at a previous meeting of the Golf Course Advisory Committee held in Executive Session which disparaged him. Chairman of the Board Jay Leary told several Golf Course Advisory members in attendance, "Someone had a personal agenda in things that were said. I feel like we're being played, and what was said could be no further from the truth." While the person alleged to have information regarding McCarthy's less than stellar work performance was not identified at the meeting, Selectman Jay Marsden said, "If Deepthroat doesn't want to be recognized or identified" it will come out who they are when executive meetings are released.

Should selectmen not approve Mr. Ficco's RFP at next week's Special Meeting the board may be jumping from the frying pan into the fire as the current holder of the contract at the restaurant, Beth Rossi's contract expires at the year end and bookings have already been scheduled early in the new year.


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Comments (1)

Not the best picture Bobby....did you photoshop my eyes shut?

- rf | 11/21/13 2:48 PM



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