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The Fire Station has Three Back Doors?

by Raymond Moloney
December 18, 2013


Why does the fire station have three back doors?

 Why are there three overhead doors on the Exchange Street side of the Fire Station?

As the retired Chief of the Holliston Fire Department, I thought the townspeople should be informed of the plans and discussion of the selectmen, the building committee and the architect when the addition to the original fire station on Central Street was under consideration. The plans were formulated in the late 1990's.

At that time the Board of Selectmen anticipated purchasing the Olmstead property on Exchange Street if and when it went on the market. This would provide additional parking and access to the renovated fire station. In fact, three large access doors to the rear of the building were designed and actually built into the new wing at an additional expense anticipating the future purchase of the Exchange Street property.


This property was offered to the town this year but the current Board of Selectmen did not follow up on the previous decision of the prior board when the renovations were made. I think this is a mistake and the current board should reconsider the original plan.

This would provide additional parking for town events and a drive thru in the new station, an investment well made. This could be a discussion at the spring town meeting.


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Comments (4)

What kind of money was being asked for the property? This is certainly a good idea, with groups like the Holl Business Association well aware of the parking concerns downtown as the town grows. We also lack parking for the new Rail Trail use, and this may be close enough to give some benefit?

- Ed Daniels | 12/21/13 9:20 AM

Thanks Chief. I had no idea. While it would be GREAT to bring some parking downtown, I think the safety benefits of being able to drive trucks through rather than backing them in from Central Street is what makes this a no brainer.

What can the townspeople do to help make this a reality?

Thank you again for your many years of service.

- David Nickerson | 12/20/13 10:11 AM

The Holliston Affordable Housing Trust has been looking to acquire this site to either renovate or reconstruct an affordable housing unit, but there may be more land at the rear of that parcel that is not needed for that which can be deeded back to the town for the fire department.

- Warren Chamberlain | 12/20/13 9:49 AM

I wouldn't want the town to spend money on the property if it's primarily for parking.

- Mrs. M. | 12/20/13 9:00 AM



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