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Pedestrian Struck in Crosswalk

by Bobby Blair
January 28, 2014

Emergency responders came to the aid of a pedestrian who was reported to have been struck by a vehicle while in the crosswalk.

The incident occured Tuesday at 2:15 p.m. near 760 Washington Street and in front of Casavant Realty Office. Officer Dan Griffith and Sgt. Glen Dalrymple investigated.

The victim appeared to be a male, in his late teens or early 20's. He was transported to MetroWest Framingham. The driver of the vehicle involved was cited.


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Comments (43)

My sister was struck & killed in crosswalk at the library. She died on 12/24/2015

- Michael J Evers | 12/26/15 9:45 PM

In going through downtown Natick today on Route 135, they have crosswalks very similar to ours on the ground. However, in the air they have three bulb lights, the bottom one flashing blinking yellow when the crosswalk is not in use, the top two go to Red/Yellow when the crosswalk is being used by a pedestrian. Why is there a difference in the lights between our towns. It seems to me that Natick solution makes more sense. Can the Highway Supers (the Board of Selectmen) tell us why there is a difference and why our solution is better? If not, perhaps a start would be to copy Natick.

- Joseph Wiesenfeld | 2/2/14 3:45 PM

The argument to keep the town "Historic" by ignoring safety is a weak stance based on completely irrelevant nonsense.

It implies caring about "quaint" more than "safe". I hope no one truly believes that this is helpful or relevant.

It is far beyond time for debates about quaint, it is time for effective changes to be made. We do NOT want to see another headline about someone being injured or worse in that intersection.

WHY are we still dragging our feet? Those who work FOR this town need to take our safety seriously, stop sitting on their hands, and make some changes for the safety of our citizens. This should have been done years ago. There are NO excuses for ignoring the fact that it's inevitable that more people will be hurt by inaction.

If things continue as they are-- which is shameful--- it could even lead to litigation by an injured party against the town for it's continued "head in the sand" approach to improving this very dangerous intersection.

- Jay | 2/2/14 12:15 PM

The Selectmen, State and consultants can place their collective heads in the sand. The fact is, no one wants to own up to a very poor design.

- RPW | 1/30/14 5:18 PM

It's a mystery why this town can't shake the notion that a traffic light at a busy intersection in town is the one thing that will just destroy that small-town ambience that we have here. Plenty of small New England towns have traffic lights in their down-town areas. It shows that they care about the safety of the people who live in or visit their communities. Can we vote on this at the next Town Meeting?

- Do What is Right for the Community...NOW! | 1/30/14 4:58 PM

Someone has already died as a result of pedestrian injuries - the gentleman who worked at the barber shop. Nobody recognizes that as a traffic fatality, but it was. Why there is not a real traffic light system in this area is amazing. The Woodland St lights went into were dreamed up and went into service practically overnight, compared to all the angst and wasted time downtown. No more studies! Let's get it done Town Hall people!!

- BeeP | 1/30/14 1:08 AM

I'd say put Martha out there, but I'm afraid she's get run over. How about a zip line for pedestrians?

- tpartynitwit | 1/29/14 7:45 PM

I go up town every morning for coffee at the grill about 6:30am. The traffic is flying thru the center between 40&50 mph.All you hear is horns blowing and tires screeching. You never see a police cruiser in the center of town during rush hour. I know the traffic has increased over the years but their was always the presence of a police man watching traffic or directing traffic between rush hour . My opinion to help the situation would be to put in lights like they should have been ten years ago and to lower the speed limit through the town to 25 mph and enforce it. Try going thru the center of Sherborn over the speed limit and see what happens.Also change those lights that are useless, you can't even see them till its to late if someone is in the crosswalk then you have to jam on the brakes and the person behind you has to do the same so as not to hit you.

Lower the speed limit through town and start enforcing it.

- Hollston townie | 1/29/14 5:34 PM

There is no traffic enforcement downtown, period. Pedestrian's jay walk, and walk across Washington and Central Streets as separate crossings when in a group, i.e. families of 4 or five walk across the street 5, 10 feet or more apart from each other, pedestrian do not look, are using phones/texting, vehicles drive way too fast and pass cars with considering why a car is stopped, on and on and on, and no one ever gets a ticket, pedestrian's never get spoken to ignored, and downtown traffic is ignored. Where are the police?

- Resident | 1/29/14 2:51 PM

It's hard to believe that so much ink has been spilled over a simple traffic light.

The first time I drove to Holliston, I arrived via Central Street, hit Washington and thought that this intersection was ridiculously dangerous. That was years and years ago. My family and friends from out of state all have the same reaction: what's up with your downtown?!? Where's the stop light? I usually fumble with some excuse that we're either studying it, we're worried about preserving the charm of downtown -- half-baked as that might be as you'll note the seemingly-abandoned gas station, the firearms store, the shuttered dry cleaners and the recently closed Pejamajos -- or that I'm concerned about rewarding careless pedestrians because back in 50s cars were cars and everyone knew the score: step in the road, and you'd be killed.

I'm tired of making excuses. This is a no-brainer. Let's get it on this year's Warrant.

- Ted | 1/29/14 10:28 AM

I am 100% in favor of traffic lights at Central/Washington. However, they need to be carefully engineered. Every week night, from 5-6 or so, the traffic already gets backed up through the T-intersection at 126 near Bertucci's toward the Sherborn line. Every morning, it is also backed up eastbound, nearly to Milford. That is without the downtown lights. They need to carefully time these lights so Holliston neighborhoods won't become higher-speed cut-throughs and Holliston businesses won't be adversely impacted. As it is, Exchange Street to Winthrop to Vine to Norfolk is a highly traveled cut-off. What is the posted speed limit for downtown? It should be 20 MPH from Pleasant to Elm.

- Donna | 1/29/14 10:03 AM

If memory serves me an elderly woman was already killed crossing the street downtown some years back

- Matt | 1/29/14 3:06 AM


The pedestrian is ok. Thank god. Accidents happen and we r grateful the he is ok. The point that needs to be made is he was in the right. The driver was not speeding but may have been distracted. We all need to slow down and not get distracted or multitask!

- Debbie | 1/29/14 12:23 AM

I've posted this before. At a minimum, those flashing pedestrian crossing lights need to have red lenses, not yellow lenses. RED means STOP. The lights should indicate for cars to stop when they flash.

- Holliston Resident | 1/28/14 11:57 PM

Scott, long ago when you were a kid people were not constantly rushing from one place to the next. They also were not talking on cell phones while driving. Times have changed and it is time the Town conforms to what the public needs. Hopefully it won't take someone being killed for that to happen.

- Holliston Resident | 1/28/14 11:30 PM

Light or no lights. He did look both ways and was in a crosswalk. As drivers we need to be aware and less distracted!

- Debbie | 1/28/14 11:30 PM

As the owner of a shop right there at the crosswalk, I can hear all day long the sounds of the vehicles as they bang over the small sort-of-speed-bump of the crosswalk. These vehicles are all traveling at a speed that is just too high for the downtown.

I have thought for a long time that the downtown speed limit for Holliston should be reduced to 25, from Prospect to the Town Hall, and down Central to Norfolk St. It's really frightening to see vehicles barreling through the center of town.

My prayers are with the young man, I hope he is okay.

- Kate Lamontagne | 1/28/14 10:28 PM

First of all, I hope the young man is not badly hurt. I lived in Holliston for many years. We tried, unsuccessfully, to get lights in the downtown area. The issue always was that the small town feel would be destroyed. I saw many serious accidents in the town center, mostly people trying to cross at the crosswalks. I really hope that it doesn't take someone getting killed to get lights installed in that very dangerous center of town. It is plain ridiculous that there is parking right up to the crosswalks. Drivers do not see people in the crosswalk because they are behind parked cars. Please, please please put in the lights. People's safety is far more important than the so called "historic feel"!

- Norma | 1/28/14 10:21 PM

Do we have an update on how the pedestrian is doing? Hope he's okay.

- Andrea | 1/28/14 10:17 PM

There need to be lights installed at Central, and possibly both ends of Hollis Street.

Washington Street and Highland Street have become Thruways. It's not safe for pedestrians with the limited sight lines of cars parked by crosswalks. Cars that see an opportunity between cars to turn right onto Washington from Central jump at the chance, all too often not even registering the pedestrians in crosswalks. Pardon how pointed this question is, but: DOES SOMEONE HAVE TO DIE TO GET LIGHTS INSTALLED AT HOLLIS AND CENTRAL STREETS??? What can townspeople do to help get lights up before avoidable tragedy strikes?

- David Nickerson | 1/28/14 10:14 PM

When I grew up we didn't have crosswalks in Holliston either but thats irrelevant. Downtown Holliston is very very busy now and crossing the road is extremely dangerous. I don't think it's fair to call the driver a numb skill because with parking on the side of the street and cars pulling out of Hollis and Central it can be very difficult to see someone in the crosswalk during busy periods or at night. We really do need to address this matter. I pray the young man was not seriously injured.

- Cathy Georgallas | 1/28/14 8:59 PM

I agree with Pat - it's a challenge to see people entering the crosswalks between parked cars, especially at the busy intersection of Washington and Central. The walk signal lights are useless - when you're driving, they're barely noticeable unless you're a good distance away.(When you're close, they're too high, out of the field of vision)

- Sherri | 1/28/14 8:59 PM

I'd like to know the facts before blaming the driver entirely. Often people push the button and walk immediaely instead of waiting for the lights to start flashing and traffic to stop. Many pedestrians are not responsible either. As a driver you have to slow down in downtown, watch the lights, which are way too high, and watch for pedestrians on the side of the road. A lot to do, it's kind of like juggling. WE NEED TRAFFIC LIGHTS THAT STOP THE TRAFFIC!!! PEDESTRIANS HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY BUT THEY ALSO HAVE TO BE RESPONSIBLE IN CROSSING.

- Brenda | 1/28/14 8:51 PM

Maybe instead of spending money on traffic lights, we could spend the money on a class for people on how to look both ways before they cross the street. Yes motorist are not paying attention to the cross walk lights and that is why it is clearly up to the pedestrian for making sure motorist see them before walking in front of a moving car.

- Dan Valovcin | 1/28/14 8:49 PM

I have gotten a warning for a pedestrian in the cross walk. Why? Because I was too busy watching the car I thought was not going to stop coming out of central street to notice some one stepping into the cross walk on the other side of the street. The big problem is there is just too much activity going on in the center to be able to keep track of every thing. Is it going to take a tragedy for real action to be taken, I think so and that is just sad.

- John | 1/28/14 8:27 PM

Dover, Sherborn, Medfield, Sudbury, Lexington, Concord and Lincoln are pretty historic towns and guess what, they all have downtown traffic lights. Downtown Holliston is often a zoo for both cars and pedestrians, it's 2014 and it's about time we finally fixed the problem.

- Lee DeSorgher | 1/28/14 7:54 PM

I don't think Darien's use of "historic feel" is what he is advocating for - many times we have tried for lights and many people in town have mentioned that it would lose its feel. Safety is more important and I think most people believe that. No matter what everyone will not agree.

- not again... | 1/28/14 7:32 PM

Adding a couple of lights for safety is not going to ruin the historic "feel" of the town. Central St. and Washington St. is one badly needed spot. Though I have to say I moved here from Natick and even as busy as Central St. and Wash. St. can get I have found people very polite stopping and waving me to turn either onto Wash. St or Central St. Always makes me smile when I am given the courtesy. But it doesn't always happen. Save the town some money and just use some good old common sense and install some lights at the riskiest spots. Why overthink such a simple solution to traffic and pedestrian safety. Holliston will look just as quaint as ever because of how the downtown looks by itself. A couple of sets of lights at the most "dangerous" spots is not going to make the town feel any less historic. Will give folks sitting at a light more time to appreciate the area and maybe even notice a few businesses they haven't seen before instead of zipping bye.

- Megan | 1/28/14 6:30 PM

When I was a kid a long time ago, they didn't have the fancy crosswalks with lights or fake brick, we just were taught to look both ways. And it works

- Scott | 1/28/14 6:06 PM

Love how people are shifting the blame away from the numb skull driver who wasn't looking where he/she was going and on to the town. How about instead of spending money on lights, we make money by ticketing speeders and people who don't yield to pedestrians? Put and Auxiliary out there. Won't cost the town a thing.

- Tyler Ramrath | 1/28/14 6:02 PM

Maybe we can get Axton Cross's lawyer to pay for it Although they're about as useless as the crosswalk lights

Axton Cross Has a current tax bill of $640,000.

Do you think there lawyers are getting paid?

- Celeste Camby | 1/28/14 5:49 PM

Some things never change. This has been an ongoing discussion since the 60's. This is the main road between Framingham and Milford and a lot more traffic since then. Sort of like the discussions about sewerage. The discussions and surveys etc have cost more than the projects themselves.

- Carol | 1/28/14 5:42 PM

"No one is ever going to agree to put lights downtown". Wrong, I would agree. Public safety to me trumps all.

- Dennis | 1/28/14 5:20 PM

Here we go again, putting how the town will look over public safety and people getting run over by cars!!! I remember two comments from the past about traffic lights; "creative and colonial"!!! Why not just put in the 3 sets of lights instead of wasting more money on elaborate studies and 3-D drawings and just install the lights, whats the problem??? Quaint or public safety, the answer is obvious, just do it!!!

- Mark Colantonio | 1/28/14 5:11 PM

This is so sad. I agree that we urgently need lights. Real ones. Or no street parking in the stretch between Hollis St and Pleasant St at all.

As far as Holliston looking like a CITY? Really? A busy downtown in a little downtown maybe. It is a long stretch before Holliston could ever look like a city. Even "downtown" Sherborn has lights. A regular traffic light or two would look a lot better and be a lot safer than the contraptions we have now.

- Anita | 1/28/14 5:07 PM

One. we have little crime in Holliston, two, use an already police officer at high traffic times I.E school is getting out, people coming home from work , no one can deny that Holliston is anything small any more.. the traffic that travels washington street is anything but... and three . if you try and cross the street at ANY TIME you take your life in your hands.. you can not see a pedestrian, with all the parking, or those silly, useless lights that hang and sway and can not be seen.... and yes Jean you are right.. Darien this town has not been "historic" for a long long time . with all the building of huge houses, water troubles,and I could go on and on. . Sorry....

- sick of hearing this | 1/28/14 5:07 PM

Everytime I use the crosswalk at least one car ignores me and the lights. Please read Mayor Blair's Saturday morning reports of failures to stop for pedestrians. If tickets were issued to these drivers, the light would be paid for in a week! And some of them *might* start to pay attention.

- Joe | 1/28/14 5:06 PM

yes DS, please let's not put a police officer there so that he/she may deal with crime instead, and then he/she will be available to respond to the 911 call of the pedestrian being hit at the intersection that he/she was NOT placed at. I'm not saying there should be an officer there, but seriously NOT to have one so they are available for the emergency instead?

Maybe since the lights and pedestrians are not visible with all the on-street parking, we should instead have some huge annoying alarm sound when someone stands on the curb so that cars might actually slow down.

- Maria | 1/28/14 4:55 PM

Darien: You're worried that it will no longer look like a historic town? Safety trumps appearance.

- Jean | 1/28/14 4:51 PM

To be honest it is so hard to see anyone entering the crosswalks with all the on street parking allowed in the area of crosswalks. Maybe a few simple no parking signs would probably work and more caution taken when driving through town.

- Pat | 1/28/14 4:51 PM

How much longer do we have to wait for lights to be put there?? Someone is going to be killed. I hope this person will be okay..Prayers for him.

- Jean | 1/28/14 4:40 PM

In regards to the prior comment:

In all honesty- you want to have a police officer sit there and direct traffic? Okay, sounds good. By allowing a police officer to sit there it's either 1.) opening another job position or 2.) taking a current officer from the fleet and subtracting where they're potentially needed in the long run. By doing either one either taxes will increase (shocker) or crime will increase.

To be entirely honest- (even though the law states pedestrians have the right of way) before you even think about walking in front of traffic you make sure it's safe to do so! Either cars are stopped or there's no one on the road! There's not enough information in this article to say if this young adult did any of these.. As a pedestrian and as a driver, one should assume all rolls before jumping in front of a moving object! No one is going to agree to put more lights in Holliston! Because if we do, it's no longer going to feel like a historic town.... but rather a city. Plus paying for this light or police officer to sit there?! Nope never going to happen.

- Darien Steele | 1/28/14 4:31 PM

How many accidents like this does it take for something to be done?? enough with all the studies. . put a police officer at the cross walks until something can be done. .I never go down town for this very reason... no one stops, but in all fairness you can not even see the lights, and with all the parking pedestrians are the hard to see... so sad...

- How many does it take? | 1/28/14 4:03 PM



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